Wahoo Lite?

I’ve been getting my riding in other ways of late, and was going to take some time away from the SYSTM. In an era where everything is a subscription, you’ve gotta cull what you’re not actively using.

Is “cancelling” in the normal sense what is referred to in the website as “downgrading to Wahoo Lite?”

Is that how Wahoo sees “the real world?” Everything that’s not a full Wahoo X subscription is Wahoo Lite? Riding outdoors and other virtual platforms, all Wahoo Lite?

I’m mostly confused but also amused. The actual question is whether I have more than one option in front of me, and if so, what the distinction is between “cancellation” and “downgrade.”

The free tier is “Wahoo Lite”, which is both downgrading and also cancellation of Wahoo X.

Thanks for the clarification, but that’s the absurd and unnecessarily confusing part. As near as I can tell, there is no downgrade and no free tier, there’s just cancellation. Unless you count parking one’s history and details the “free tier,” which is both potentially useful for me and certainly a good investment in getting return business, but by no means is it a functional tier of any product.
It’s not a problem; I wasn’t expecting to have any use of anything without paying for it, I just find this kind of marketing-driven doublespeak and word salad annoying. I’ll always be happy for my time in Sufferlandria and could see coming back to hang with Cotty (well, in a virtual world where I can hang with him on climbs), but it’s an annoying stumble on my way out for a break.


I’m not sure what you mean by not functional. With the lite tier (which is the free tier) it gives access to 2 roads which change every so often, and allows you to take part in events from what I understand.

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My mistake then… I poked around and couldn’t find any reference to a free tier, and checking the pricing/plans page found nothing other than monthly/yearly full plans.

Thanks for correcting me (and giving the straight scoop to anyone following along).

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@jesseransom I was on the month to month plan when I started but then switched to annual due to the attractive discount. I suspect the discount is related to the fact that a lot of people cancel during the summer season.

For me the value is still there even when I am doing more outside rides as I still do the yoga, sometimes run the mental toughness videos in preparation for racing and sometimes I just jump on the trainer when I have a long day at work and am not able to fit in an outside ride.

Adding RGT was a big bonus and I look forward to doing more on that platform in the offseason.

I am with you it sounds like only one option but as was explained, I guess there are two.