SYSTM integration to Vitality

I’m new to Vitality (health insurance that gets cheaper and with rewards if you do exercise) essentially, if you do stuff on you Garmin devices, the metrics are sent over to Vitality and you get rewarded.
This is great, but it doesn’t recognise activity stored in Garmin connect from SYSTM. There is a long running thread on this on another couchlandrian platform for cycling, but couldn’t see anything here. Any thoughts or plans? Thanks. Sir Chris.


Do you have a garmin @SirOgilvie? Can you use it to record your activities directly while still using SYSTM (i.e. dual recording) ?

Hi sir Coutts, thanks for the reply. I do. It has occurred to run the Garmin edge alongside, save, then delete the 2nd entry once recorded in Vitality.
I think it will work, just wondering if there is a more elegant workaround or brute force fix.

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I used to dual record fairly regularly (and would just have to remember to delete the duplicate once I was done with it). I’m not familiar with this type of insurance but it seems odd that Vitality won’t recognize SYSTM uploads to Garmin connect. Would they accept Strava files? Or, are they specifying that you have to use a garmin device to record the activity?

Hey @SirOgilvie I just looked this up. You can connect Strava and all should be good. Click the link and scroll down a bit…

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What duplicate? I dual record (sometimes) on my Garmin and don’t have duplicates anywhere.

Vaguely related, if I do a Garmin challenge (200 km bike during February, for example), anything transferred over from SYSTM doesn’t register to the challenge even though it’s right there on display in Connect. I have to record with my Garmin device. First World problem, of course :grinning:

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Hey @titanicus the duplicates for me would be my garmin head unit recording and my SYSTM upload to garmin. It’s been awhile since I’ve done that so maybe that doesn’t happen anymore :man_shrugging:

Edit: I know I’d get double entries on Strava and would have to delete one of those too.

Is that because the Garmin challenge doesn’t recognize “virtual” miles. I find that equally odd.

Which you could turn off at the end of each activity to avoid duplicates …

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Well could be but as the Garmin (FR920XT) dual recording is in “indoor bike” mode, that would be very strange.

I just assume, quite reasonably, that it’s a Garmin oddity or that they only want you using their kit while doing their challenges :grinning:

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Yeh, I guess I could have done that but the purpose for me of dual recording, when I was doing it, was to compare the files. Or, just to have a back up in case one didn’t record or save properly.

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I sometimes forget that this is a thing.

Fascinating, other people … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have SYSTM connected to Garmin, which then records our Sufferlandrian triumphs. If I then record the ride on my edge, it will duplicate the ride as recorded separately.

#just remembered, as you say, just stop the connection to Garmin.

Will have a look - thanks
I’ll follow up here if successful.

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As I mentioned to Sir @Glen.Coutts, you can turn this off for each individual workout at the end of the workout (without disturbing the general connection) to avoid this issue.

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Quick update on this.
I did stage 1 of the tour, Garmin 1030 recording the ride, and have disabled SYSTM from publishing to both Strava and Garmin Connect. Now works perfectly. Thanks for everyone’s input.

A little addition to this… speaking to Vitality, they suggested I stop using SYSTM and stick to their approved fitness trackers.
I suggested I’d prefer to give up the Vitality Health Plan.


One thing to keep in mind, and I found this the backwards way, is if you don’t have a speed sensor then you won’t get a mileage/speed for the Garmin upload. Normally this isn’t a problem unless you use the Garmin Connect software to track metrics year over year and you notice your average speed somewhere around 12 when you know you’ve been averaging far higher.

I joined the forum specifically because of this… I’ve tried talking to Vitality, but all I got is that activities that end up in Garmin Connect should sync to Vitality - when they clearly don’t.
I’m going to kick off a proper email thread with them and possibly even Garmin to figure out why this is a problem.
In the meantime, double recording it is…

Did you ever get any further with this? I’ve just joined vitality, and rather predictably no Systm wokouts anywhere despite them appearing on Connect (I’m not recording on my Garmin watch).

Personally I haven’t, no - and yes it’s quite annoying.
I’m still:

  • double-recording
  • making sure not to send from Wahoo to Garmin (I did once, and neither activity appeared - may have been a coincidence)
  • once activity appears in Vitality, if I want to, then I delete the Garmin one and export from Wahoo to Garmin so that Garmin still tracks all my stats