Half Monty results & SYSTM update

Just before the update to SYSTM, I did the Half Monty test (performed on 9/24). My issue is similar to this post. I did not check my athlete profile to see if my results had actually changed after the test. Since the test, I updated to the new SYSTM app and was checking it today and noticed that my athlete profile still shows my MAP, FTP, and LTHR as they were prior to the Half Monty test. If I go to my calendar as look at the workout log, the Half Monty test is still there and it states my profile should be updated automatically with a link to my profile. But alas, no update. If I start a new workout and look at the settings, it also still has the old profile. I’ve logged off, restarted the app, checked online, etc. No change in profile. Was this a goof of the SYSTM update or did something else change?


[Half Monty Results no longer applied in new app]

This seems to have happened to a few of us and Mine seems to be fixed now after uninstalling and reinstalling the app (I also manually updated the Athlete Profile but that didn’t apply to a workout until after reinstalling). Log it with the minions.

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I also did a HM on Sept 24th but my new MAP and FTP numbers were there in Systm when I logged in for the first time.