Systm on a gym bike

I am going on holiday soon and am in the middle of a training plan

the hotel has standard gym bikes but i will have my HR strap with me.

Is there any way i can still do the training sessions as the ipad i have wont be connected to a power metre or my HR strap [unless of course someone can tell me how to connect my ipad to my hr strap via ant+]

i am happy to follow the session on the ipad and match my hr and cadence and power on the machine to what the session wants - but then it won’t be recorded as done in the training plan

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Just my thought, but treat it like an outdoor ride in the workout and ride with HRM/RPE?

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while your actually training details of HR, power, etc. won’t be recorded, you could do what you have described (follow the session on the iPad with auto-pause off, playing it like a video), and then it should still record as completed once you’ve finished. Or you could mark it as complete manually by clicking the 3 dots on the session in your calendar.

I use a NPE WYÛR to bridge Ant+ to Bluetooth to use iOS devices when at hotel gyms. This allows me to have the gym bike’s power and cadence in the app. I use a Bluetooth HRM, but the WYÛR will bridge an Ant+ one. Great little device.

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this sounds just what i need - so this will connect to the system x app on ipad and link the gym bikes power and cadence to it and my hr strap on my chest will also connect to it ?

YES, but the WYÛR can also be used as your cadence sensor to simplify that bit (it doubles as a speed or cadence sensor). I don’t have the WYÛR (and it hasn’t been available for purchase very long) but I got the CÔRD not too long ago and shipping was very prompt (like in my mailbox in 3 days).

The NPE products also help with Apple Watch HR integration AND use of AppleTV. I would recommend that you play with it before your trip to get it all figured out, I haven’t completely figured out the CÔRD yet but I bought it more out of curiosity than need.

ive not done that before as i only ride on the turbo

will have a look how that works