SYSTM Workout Import

Will SYSTM support workout import from TrainingPeaks? I was going to also ask about workout design feature but as I can do that on TrainingPeaks workout import would really provide me with the flexibility of doing a customized workout when the workout options in SYSTM don’t quite fit the bill. It doesn’t happen often but often enough that a workout import feature would be highly valuable to me.

@bkrman No but RGT will - just send the .zwo file to


Welcome to the forums @bkrman. If by import you mean ride an externally created workout in SYSTM the current answer is no. If you have a wahoo head unit (soon to be others) or record the workout using the wahoo fitness app, the completed workout will show up in the systm calendar as being completed.

Thanks that’s a big help! I’ll definitely give that a try.