How to import my trainings from TP to Wahoo SYSTM

I have a TP account here my coach added my training. How can I import the training to the Wahoo SYSTM?

Thank you

Is your coach using SYSTM as the basis? You can simply select the ride from the Library and add it to your calendar. There is no direct method to move activities on the Calendar in TP to SYSTM, nor do I expect this to ever be possible (I’m not associated with Wahoo, but this is based on prior postings in the various forums).

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If you coach if adding specific workouts to TP that don’t match match workouts in Systm, then you can do them in RGT, if you have RGT linked to TP then the workout will appear in Workouts->Scheduled

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Hi Andre,

Unfortunately right now we are only able to show SYSTM plans on the SYSTM calendar for upcoming workouts. If you are using TP but wanting to do SYSTM or RGT workouts, I recommend these two options to make it easier for you:

  • Download the TrainingPeaks app so you can view your calendar on there more easily
  • Go to Training Peaks settings and select daily email reminders
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Hi Rupert

To be honest i didn’t understand the steps to add the trainings from TP to SYSTM? :smiley:

You can’t add workouts from TP to SYSTM. @Coach.Rupert.H’s instructions were to use TP as a consolidated calendar instead of using SYSTM. SYSTM calendar will only show SYSTM workouts.

If your smiley face at the end meant that your question was sarcastic, apologies for taking it literally. My message Board sarcasm detector doesn’t work very well.