Systm workout on Rival

I am currently using Humango and their structured workouts are syncing to the Element app so I can load them up on my Roam and my Rival.

But if I want to use Wahoo X/Sytsm workouts I would need to use this extension SYSTM FIT Export – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US) and then reupload the .fit to the Elemnt app to get it on my Rival.

Am I missing something or is wahoo being stupid here?

@lseufer Are you able to send the Humango workouts to a TrainingPeaks account? That might be a solution.

HumanGo structured workouts are synced to my Rival and Roam. No need to use third parties software.
But Wahoo Systm’s workouts only sync to my Roam.
I am looking to get wahoo systm workout on my Rival.
I found it surprising that wahoo does not allow to use their soft on their hardware.

@lseufer Got it. Note that many of the run and swim workouts are actually just written out versus being in a workout file so that is a current limitation. With the launch of the treadmill I would guess that they will start making changes there to those workouts and perhaps we will see workouts also push to Rival.

Trainingpeaks on Rival too🥲

Dis not know you can directly send a .fit file to the Rival watch.