How to get my SYSTM Plans to my Rival

I made the decision to buy a Rival and so also I would like to use Structured Workouts from SYSTM.
Now I am wondering, how to get this plans to my devices.
If i put some plan or workout to my calendar, It is not shown in the Elemnt-Companion-App in the planned workouts menu. I thought, it will go automatically. My daily Trainigspeaks-Workouts appear in this menu.
Please, can anyone help?
Thank you very much!

This is a recurring question so here it goes:
At the PRESENT time there is NO direct method to make this happen. NONE. It might happen with a full refresh of the application.
So, for the second half of this answer: It is possible to use a workout creator in the PREMIUM version of TrainingPeaks and then push that to your Rival. Really cludgy but that’s the only way to do it.
Now for the mandatory caution: It is NOT recommended to do this to anything other than the no-vid or Inspiration videos due to the fast changing nature of other videos. Yes, you can recreate Revolver or Violator, but those rides were not designed to be done on anything other than in an indoor training environment where you can place 100% concentration on getting the intervals (and recoveries) done.

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Ooh… I understand. Thank you!
So I am wondering how to train and track a triathlonnplan.
For cyclong ok - that makes sence for me to do the workout on the trainer using 4d profile.
But there is than also no ability to do a (for example Recovery) workout outside and record it.
And for doing simple running intervalls there is no chance?
Damn, I thought using SYSTM, but seems to have a look on alternatives :frowning:

What you can do is match up Recovery rides to what is available with SYSTM. For instance there are several levels of Endurance rides for time. You just reduce the amount of effort to what your coach has advised you to ride at. BTW, are you using a Wahoo coach? They should be able to update your workouts in SYSTM.
As to running efforts, they are being developed and additional running/swimming activities are being added. Since I can’t run (knee issues) and I dont have a place to swim, I don’t participate in either event.

@timdraut The roadmap is for all of the apps - Element, Wahoo Fitness App and SYSTM - to work together and also the ability to push SYSTM workouts to the watch, Bolt/Roam and also RGT. For now I synchronize everything on TrainingPeaks and also create my outside workouts there which is fairly straightforward - sort of a drag and drop exercise.

The are some workouts in TrainingPeaks already that you can use to populate your TP calendar and add to your workout library. Here is the link to the prior plans.

You need to sort out through them to find the stuff that you need but once you build a library it is pretty straightforward from there.