Hi there - my plan on SYSTM seems to have disappeared from the calendar, trying to add another but still doesn’t add to the calendar - any ideas??

I’d try logging out and back in. That usually fixes stuff like that. If not, get in touch with the minions at

Cheers Glen :+1:t2:

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@Jimwilko, sounds like you got it sorted. Thanks @Glen.Coutts

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I’m afraid not! Logged out, changed password etc…. Still nothing on the calendar…. Any ideas?

You are unable to even add a new plan to your calendar?

Thanks Glen - works fine on the iPad, not displaying on the iPhone…… I’ll delete the app on the phone and try again

James Wilkinson

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Yeh that should do it. If you can see it elsewhere then it’s def the app gone glitchy, it happens. Check back in and let us know how it went.