Tacx App & Wahoo Kickr

Hi all,

Unless my research is incorrect, it appears the Tacx app is incompatible with a Kickr (but not the other way round - Tacx trainer - Wahoo X).

Is this correct?

Really miss just being able to climb classic climbs or going on a virtual ride without looking at Mike Cottys bum for and hour. Nearly feels like Wahoo are trying to do too much and over baking something (pro ride races stages for example) that can be simple, but enjoyable.


The Tacx application is only compatible with Tacx trainers, a decision made by Garmin. Ultimately as hard as a platform may try, it’s hard to be everything to everyone and do it well - and the SYSTM videos may just not be to your taste. If you prefer a more virtual world then RGT is also available with Wahoo X, but if that also is not to your taste then there are non-Wahoo platforms such as Rouvy and Fulgaz which use real life footage and virtually riding.


My Kickr V5 does correctly work (not perfectly : sometimes some latency to display the power change ) with the tacx App , but only with Ant+
With bluetooth it is detected but only the power and the app does’nt want to " convert " it in motion .

New : I have experienced something else :
I use the kickr Ant+ only for the speed , I use the kickr with the bluetooth for the power , so it is more reacting . And I use an extra cadence sensor which is more accurate than this of the kickr ( especially when I pedal with very low power ( in descent for example )

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