TACX Neo2 Firmware Update

This evening my Tacx Neo2 updated firmware in the Tacx Utility. From memory from .36 to .38. Does anyone know what changed? It’s really hard to find Tacx Changelogs.

I cycled after in Isotonic mode (why I was in the utility) and noticed no difference.

They really ought to have a changlog webpage even if it was just to say ‘bugs fixed’ so it was clear not to expect anything.

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I updated my Tacx Neo2, there was a button for “what’s changed” but I did not click it beforehand and it disappeared after the update.

I waited until after the Tour to update.

Here is what I found on the Garmin forums where there are short threads on the .36 and .38 updates:

Ta. I was just about to do a workout and so rushed through it expecting to be able to find out later what changed. Didn’t think to visit Garmin Forums. They don’t seem to know much either.

I did a second ride in ERG. The power may be reduced a little. Usually it is ~4W lower than my Power2Max crank. On this one ride it was about 3W higher. Only 1 workout though and the numbers are small. During the workout noticed no difference.