Taking SUF outside with a Phone App

I got the bike with power meter recently. Mostly I did it to take the SUF workout outside. I set my old iPhone 8 on the bike and set it with the Wahoo Fitness app. I think it works better than any proper bike computer. The setup runs perfectly, the screen shows all relevant information the only problem it has no feature to tell what power or cadence needs to match. Do you have a suggestion on how to add instructions to the ride?
Who has a power meter, how do you take the workout outside? What is your setup?


I’m using a lezyne bike computer (‘macro GPS’), it has a feature of workouts import from trainingpeaks. The free trainingpeaks account allows planning workouts for today or tomorrow so I manually enter outdoor workout targets in TP and import workout into lezyne comp using their phone app.

Lezyne comp has a special workout mode when it shows duration and target power to match for current interval and brief hint for the next. It cannot show cadence data in this mode and sometimes I quite miss that.

This ‘method’ works ok for me in case of outdoor SUF workouts since they tends to have relatively simple structure. However, it may be a wrong kind of suffering to construct some of SUF indoor workouts in TP application.

By the way, wahoo fitness app is what I used before I buy a power meter. But using pm I find that I cant setup the wahoo app to show me 3/5/10 seconds avg power. I believe what it shows is just current instant power which is not quite useful imho. Maybe they’ve changed it since then.

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I ride today with the Wahoo Fitness app. It was my first outside riding with a power meter. Fantastic, very different from the ride on feeling or HR and I believe much easier. I did today one of my routs, 100 km with 1500 m climb, and feel significantly less tired than usual. The Wahoo App has the metering of power of different periods and can be customized.
Now, when SUF bought by Wahoo, hope it merges and brings the SUF outside a proper way.