Target strength training

Dear minions,
my currently pinched nerve in my back reminds me how important strength training is in cycling especially when you are over 50 :wink:.
Now the autumn and winter is approaching in the northern hemisphere, which brings me to the request and request to you to conceptualize in your so good app times a targeted strength training program over… 6 (3+3) or 12 weeks (6+6), that is concretely, more strength training and less ergometer.

At the beginning of the strength winter training build-up, extensive muscle building training (hypertrophy) is performed for the muscles relevant to propulsion. As the competition phase approaches, the methods of strength training shift more and more towards intramuscular coordination training (IK training). Through the method of IK training, the level of maximum strength becomes more pronounced. The adaptations are in the transition mainly in the neural area.

Now that would be something…
Maybe also a few new exercises with weights and dumbbells.

Regards Rüdiger

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@Pedalist I have shifted to strength training all year for this exact reason and it seems to be working. The yoga is also important.


Hey Jon,
what Sufferfest plan did you follow that fore, or did you do it on your own?
Regards Rüdiger

@Pedalist I do a bit of both. I had a lifting background pre-SUF. I started with the beginner strength which was pretty easy and am now on intermediate. On the days when I do strength I also do some seated press, bench press, bent over rows and kettle bell swings. It helps to include the SUF strength workouts because it will adapt your plan to control the volume and targeted workout for those days.

I am just about done with race season and so will probably add in some additional leg work - dead lifts and perhaps some squats - in the coming weeks. However, I do find that the SUF Intermediate 3A and 3B has a decent amount of leg work - single leg pistol progressions are in I3A and Bulgarian split squat in I3B.

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Hello Jon,
One last question… (maybe :wink:). When you get into such a targeted autumn/winter strength training plan, how many strength sessions do you do per week and how do you increase the intensities? Probably with your add-ons :muscle:t2:. In Sufferfest I found a maximum of 3 sessions per week in the All-In Strength and the plan is only 3 weeks long.
If you put two in a row (3+3). You only have the increase from beginner to intermediate. I can see I can’t avoid an individual solution, as you do it. In my search for a good reference book on this subject, I have already come across some useful literature (in German). And then there’s the new SUF app coming in three days. May be…
Oh yes, and of course I won’t forget cycling during that time :wink:.
Greetings Rüdiger

@Pedalist I usually do 3 sessions a week currently and will probably keep the same number of sessions in the offseason.