Targetting LTHR - What training

Normally I target MAP as that is my weakness but I have a slighly complicated health situation where I have Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.

(I have been totally been given the OK from doctor to ride. So all good there.)

I’d like to work raising LHTR. Is that best done a with a Tempo or a Threshold building block?


Just curious: Why? Does that goal connect to your PAH somehow?

From my research (I’m not an expert), LTHR as a percent of max heart rate varies widely from person to person–even among people with similar fitness levels and abilities. So while I think LTHR often goes up as a percent of max HR as you get fitter, I’m not sure it always does. Also, max heart rate can move around too and both are sensitive to the environment (e.g. hot & humid vs cool & dry).

I’m curious if targeting increasing heart rate is a common fitness goal.

This is one of @Coach.Mac.C’s favorite topics, and has taken a lot of time to write in depth about Heart Rate Training.

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I am also a little confused by the question, as Lactate Threshold Heart Rate does not vary tremendously all things the same (i.e. temperature, humidity, caffeine, how rested or fatigued one is, etc. And even trying to control for all of the variables that effect HR is virtually impossible). And yes, it is true that your LTHR could theoretically increase with fitness, this is not always the case, nor a metric that I would chase after.

Perhaps a better goal would be to increase your Functional Threshold Power, i.e. how many watts you can maintain for 30 - 60 minutes.

In regard to Heart Rate, I would use it as a guide to inform ‘how hot’ you are cooking your FTP effort. Certainly if your heart rate grossly exceeds your LTHR, then it will be impossible to sustain that effort for 30 - 60 mins.

If increasing your Threshold is what you are after, then yes, I would choose a Threshold building block. If your aim is to improved sustained sub-threshold efforts (i.e. sustained efforts lasting longer than 60 minutes), then I would choose the Tempo building block.

Did that answer your question?

OK so remember I don’t know what I am talking about which is why I’m here :wink:

  1. I have a MAP weakness but I suspect there is not a great deal I can do about that because of my PAH. I’d love to speak to a cycling coach that really understands PAH but that is a tiny venn diagram
  2. I was thinking of just working on my FTP but having spoken to some cardiac coaches recently that where talking about my LTHR1 and 2 and suggested I look to increase that.



I’ll explain my main aim.

I have PAH, it’s progressive and there is currently no cure. I am lucky enough to still be able to cycle and “race”. I want to maximise my capabilities so as to perform in Zwift races in the years I have left to be able to cycle.

The races from 45mins to 75mins long.

My last Half Monty had my cTHR at 164bpm. I did a 58min race last night where my AVG HR was 172bpm with a max of 179bpm

I don’t need to be able to do long rides.

You’d think having been doing strcutured training since 2016 I’d know the answers to much of this stuff by now but I suspect I’m guilty of just following plans and doing what I am told :slight_smile:

Perhaps a better goal would be to increase your Functional Threshold Power, i.e. how many watts you can maintain for 30 - 60 minutes.

I feel like I need this with the capability to go 40/50w for 1 to 2 mins and then back down to 95% FTP to “recover”

Ah, yes, The Bat is an amazing workout to target just that. I would recommend following the Cycling > Event Prep > Road > Criterium plan and would select the volume that best suites you with a 2:1 progression. Criterium racing has this intense type of “On/Off” style to it that I think will serve your purposes.

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