Team Novo Nordisk uses SUF for Talent ID

Man, we are so excited to be Team Novo Nordisk’s partner for talent identification this season. It’s a real testament to the hard work and advanced thinking of our Sports Science team that our platform is going to be used by one of the world’s most innovative teams. From the release:

“Since the team’s inception, we knew locating and developing athletes with type 1 diabetes was essential for the long-term success and sustainability of the project,” said Team Novo Nordisk CEO and co-founder Phil Southerland. “This is the eighth year we’ve held talent identification camps, and they serve as a vital recruitment tool for our pipeline of talented athletes with type 1 diabetes. The strength and depth of our project have grown enormously thanks to these camps, but we are always searching for the next superstar who is living with diabetes.”

The Sufferfest training platform, which is part of Wahoo Fitness’ training ecosystem, will be at the core of the 2020 Talent ID Camp. Participants will complete The Sufferfest’s Half Monty Advanced Ramp Test before the camp to set and evaluate baseline values for FTP (functional threshold power), MAP (maximal aerobic power), and to refine their estimated NM (neuromuscular power) and AC (anaerobic capacity).

Read [all about it here.]( /team_novo_nordisk_and_the_sufferfest_partner_to_host_virtual_talent_id_camp/prweb17232954.htm)
Learn more about the team here.


Will there be a “challenge” of workouts that us mere mortals can follow along? Something similar (but different?) than Zwift Academy?


Better than … clearly :slight_smile:
Great idea this - almost like a second tour … oops

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Not for this round. It’s the first time we’ve done this kind of thing, and it’s quite focused on the needs of Team Novo Nordisk, but it’s certainly a step toward that kind of thing in the future!