Out Now! 10 New NoVid Workouts

As the cool weather begins to arrive in the northern hemisphere; things start to heat up in Sufferlandria. There are ten new NoVid workouts available now in The Sufferfest app, including The Original Blender workout. Yeah, the one that existed before pain shakes were a part of pop culture.


All of those look like fantastic sessions.

I’ve got a complete rest day tomorrow. It’s not going to be a huge test of willpower to actually get that rest and not just run straight into one (or more) of these!


Great news!!! Im loving NoVid Workouts lately.

SPRINTS: 3 SETS 8 X 10S DECREASING RECOVERY & TEMPO/THRESHOLD/MAP: 6 X 3-2-1 will be getting a run very shortly!!


So, Sir @Cody.Moore, I did ask this on the FB post but will the new novids be incorporated in the training plans, specifically the Mountainous Gran Fondo?


10 videos.

Is 10 not a number for one of those challlenge thingies …

Back to back

The NoVid unofficial Knighthood …


These look awesome, so we can get the most from these, is there a feature coming soon that recommends alternative workouts from the one in your plan? I’m sure I read this, but can’t see anything immediately.

(I must not use this as an excuse to get out of riding The Chores tonight…)


Although we don’t have this yet, we are working on it. In the meantime, rest assured that there is no alternative to doing The Chores. :slight_smile:


Hope to see the table of alternative workout soon. Playing the same videos again and again is not type of suffering we are looking for, isn’t we?


What do you mean @MikeSh by that table for alternative workouts? You mean same as @RichardK I assume?
Could you explain, thanks.

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Sports Science are working on some pretty big updates to our training plans. We will include the newer workouts with that. Look for those updates this winter.


The same as @RichardK. A table/spreadsheet of workouts that can be alternative to each other.


This is a tough session so focus on recovery after this workout. Stretching and/or self massaging, replacing your fluids, and eating a meal containing carbohydrates and protein will all help to rebuild the muscles and grow stronger!

This seems optimistic. Surely “lying face down until help arrives” is a more realistic recovery option based on that profile?


Will these 10 new no-vids be available in the Training Peaks Calendar along with all of the other SUF workouts?

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These all look fantastic - a nice range of relatively shorter ones as well. I love the micro intervals workouts.


Just finished Tempo/Threshold/MAP: 6 x 3-2-1

Great Session.

This for me is what makes THESUFFERFEST so complete, not looking at customers as one homogeneous lump but offering such a wide variety and depth.

When 10 Workouts land on the app, many immediately said “why no vid… when are vid workouts coming”! This misses the point and is very short sighted.

Many years ago like many I was hooked at the start by the visuals and Soundtracks. A welcome relief from staring at the wall. But the App evolved offering much more variety, a more holistic and rounded experience.

Do not get me wrong I too love the Vid Workouts and look forward to new additions.

But as the app evolved, so did I as a cyclist. Visuals were no longer as essential or needed as a “distraction” they just made it more fun. Equally elements of MTP … Im thinking the cues from “The Bat”. These can be applied to any session. And of course there is always spotify for backing track!!

Long story short … new workouts are great … keep up the good work and churning out workouts and content in whatever format guys!!


The workouts look great - make me look forward to rainy days!


Spring/Threshold/Spring 2x7 has made it onto my short list of solid workouts for when short on time.

Props to the Minions for churning this gem out.


Interesting reading the comments here. I’ve never done a novid w/o, and just don’t see the appeal. Am I missing something? I’ve never done a structured ride outdoors either (combination of traffic lights every 100m and lack of discipline to not go ooh look a hill let’s smash myself), and tried zwift w/o once, got bored after 10mins. Sufferfest vids have been the only structured training I’ve enjoyed and come back to repeatedly.


I wouldn’t say that you were missing something per se but clearly it isn’t really feasible for the team to find videos to fit every possible workout. The man-hours and licensing cost might be prohibitive, I can imagine.

Subsequently, some good quality workouts must be released without an accompanying video.

Does this harm your training? No, I wouldn’t have thought so.

Can you find a similar video-based workout and sub that into any given plan? Yes, probably.


Our Wahoo Sports Science team is one of the hardest working groups in existence… like in the entire world. All thanks to the lack of labor laws in Sufferlandria!

Also, Coach @Coach.Mac.C operates quite well on very little sleep :slight_smile: