Tempo vs FTP block

To improve my sustained power, is it better to do tempo or FTP block?

The high volume tempo I can do no problem, but the high volume FTP block gives me all kinds of muscle aches. So it looks like I am not recovering 100%.

Have you checked out the guidance given in: https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405312839570-How-to-use-the-Building-Blocks-training-plans

I found it very helpful. Just about all my actual rides feature 1+ hrs of climbing and I want to do those faster. That would mean I need higher FTP, but since that’s what I’ve been doing those rides and not getting faster, I figure MAP is the next thing for me to work on based on that guidance.


Hi @Xtina, if you are having lots of muscle aches you may want to have a recovery week or apply a recovery block and follow that up with an AC/NM block to work on pedaling efficiency and improve muscle firing patterns. That can be helpful with the muscle aches. If you are wanting to stick to the block plans I would recommend following that up with a MAP Block before heading into an FTP block. I know you asked about sustained power but addressing these other areas will likely improve your efficiency and aerobic ceiling which will lead to a better sustained power.