FTP or Tempo Block for Triathlete

Hi Everyone!

Love the app and the workouts I have done so far (4dp test is awesome).

4DP test revealed a FTP weakness but a strong MAP.

The new building blocks seem helpful to fix this which I hope I can supplement with my current personal coaching plan for swim and run but my question is

Should I do the FTP block or the tempo block with less fatigue so have more energy for run and swim?

My coach sets me a VO2 max (45/30/20 MAX intervals etc) and a low cadence strength session (20 x 1min at 50rpm to failure increasing to 4 mins over winter) and an easy ride each week.

Just wondering how best to fit it in so I can fix my weakness?

Are there any workouts (or mental workouts) to help with pacing as I think that is n issue with my FTP scores. I go too hard in first 10 mins.

This post has gone on longer than I thought! :slight_smile:

Any help greatly appreciated.


Hi @Suffering-Ironman,

Thank you for the question and I’m so happy to hear that you’re enjoying the app and workouts!

I love that you want to improve your weakness, and yes, you would need some tempo or threshold effort training to improve your FTP. However, my concern is that adding additional cycling workouts to an already existing plan doesn’t take that cycling stress into account in the overall plan, because it will affect your ability to complete your other training properly, and vice versa. So as a coach, I can’t really answer your question. I think the best thing would be to talk to your coach about your 4DP results and ask what he/she thinks about adding some tempo or FTP training into the plan. Your coach probably has/should have a long term plan and will cycle your FTP, VO2, power, etc. focus throughout the year depending on your race schedule and timeline for overall development. It actually makes sense that you have a MAP strength and an FTP weakness right now since you’ve been doing the VO2 max and strength sessions that you’ve described. However, if you do the 4DP test again when you’re doing tempo and FTP training, your strength may actually be FTP and you could have a VO2 weakness. When it comes down to it, you’re going to have a weakness somewhere, and the important thing is to have your strength be in the area that your goal lines up with at the right time. So if you’re training for Ironman your strength should be FTP come event day, but it will help you build FTP to have a MAP strength before starting FTP focused training. I hope that makes sense!

If you have a training plan from a coach but he/she doesn’t do adjustments to the plan, then I would finish out the plan you’re on and then consider a training plan from The Sufferfest; either a stock plan in the app, or a customized plan from one of our on-staff coaches.

And as for the mental workouts, some of them can be very geared toward preparing for an event, but it’s never really a bad time to complete it once and then you can always go back to it again when your event approaches.

I hope that helps, and happy training!


Hi Susie,

Thank you for that comprehensive response.

Yes, that makes a lot of sense. I was hoping that I could improve my FTP but maintain MAP at the same time but if that’s not possible then I’ll change focus after I finish my current plan.

Thanks :+1: