Anyway to avoid "buffering" and loss of video?

Wondering if there’s anyway to eliminate or at least mitigate buffering issues. I’ve got a speedy expensive PC with the fastest Internet money can buy, running on 5ghz Wi-Fi and yet so many workouts are partially interrupted by buffering issues. Even yoga does it, which has almost zero video motion going on. And when it happens during one of the race scenes when you’re all revved up and cranking away, it just sucks the wind right out of my sails.

Rouvy allows pre download of videos, does Sufferfest have that ability by chance?


Yes the little down arrow under the play button is how you download videos. I had the same problem until I discovered that.

You have to do it from the “Workouts” section, and not in the calendar.

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@toddsdonald , what @clarkeellis said. I ONLY download vids in advance. If storage is a concern, you can always delete the stored video when you are done. I am actually in the habit of doing just that. Download what I need, delete when I am done.

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Hey Todd,
Downloading the workouts will solve this issue for you.
See #4:

I always make sure my laptop is plugged in too

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Thank you so much for that info! I downloaded anything with a video I’ll need this week, (except yoga, which I couldn’t find in the workouts).

Question: Now that the videos are downloaded, will they start automatically when I click on my calendar workout?

Hey Todd,
In your second picture do you see where the bike image is in red? There’s a image of a yoga pose below, if you click that it will show the yoga videos to download the same way.

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Yes the downloaded videos will open from the calendar, but the calendar doesn’t work if you don’t have an internet connection @theminions really need to get this fixed in the new version of the app.

Awesome, found the yoga videos,

thank you thank you thank you!

BTW, downloading the videos ahead of time took care of the buffering issues. It would be better if you could download the video from the calendar pop-up workout description rather than going back and forth, navigating into workouts then searching, etc. But even though it takes a bunch of time to do that, it’s still better than streaming the videos and dealing with the buffering problems and videos freezing. Thanks for the tip!

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