Testing for the couchlandrian

60, obese, high blood pressure… Cardiologist says nothing physically wrong with my heart, Dr says moderate exercise is fine. In my current ‘state’ I am assuming max efforts are off the table. So given all the workouts are based on max effort tests, if I don’t go max effort in the tests, will I still gain fitness benefits from the resulting workouts or would I be wasting my time?

I should point out that last year I did reach Max HR (crept up on it without noticing until I realised I was starting to black out) on 1 occasion and my HR did not return to a level below 100 for 2 days.

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Just did a Half Monty and my FTP/MAP estimates to set up the test were obviously way too low since I rode off the top of the ramp :frowning:

So how long before I should try a new Half Monty?

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@dhi67540 I had the same thing happen when I switched to a smart trainer. I redid HM the next day but I guess it depends on how you feel. You decide when to stop on the ramp, right?

I assume I am supposed to pedal till either my chest gives out or my legs give out. I only got as far as laboured breathing this test.

I am a newb here too, but did you switch your smart trainer to “level” mode and not “erg” mode? That seems like it would account for what I think you’re reporting.

Hey, and welcome :slight_smile:

I would expect that would be ‘yes’ to this bit. Can’t comment on the heart and medical side … that’s for consultants and doctors.

I’m pretty sure that you’ll get benefits from riding regularly on the platform without hitting max.

I’m in the 50+ world … and I find that ‘just riding’ helps no matter what.

Thread carefully and maybe ‘just ride’, but with some structure for a while. You WILL get fitter, but I suggest you go more by RPE for now, than by looking at the numbers.

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Based on what you’ve said about your heart rate, I’d go for when your HR starts going up faster than before. This should mean that you’ve found your LTHR at least. Training based on that measure will be beneficial


Started in ERG then switched to Level for the 20min part. I had my MAP set at 177w and by the time I rode off the top of the Ramp, the App said my map was at least 224w. I’ll run it again in a week with the new values - they should be close enough now.


Someone’s an overachiever and a braggart.

Were you lying about being a couchlandrian? Seems like you’re eager to join the way of the suffering.

Honestly though, see how the workouts go and retest in a week or two. You can bump up the MAP a little bit before your test, and see how the ramp test goes once that’s setup.

In your case its likely better to start lower than you need to and adjust from there.

Welcome aboard!

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I’ve been on the bike for 3 weeks now trialing Zwift, Fulgaz and The Sufferfest. Been over a year since I was last on the bike and that was only for a month or so. Priior to that I was trying to lose weight and get fit by running but couldn’t jog more than 40 minutes without getting debilitating foot cramps. (I weigh in at 100kg)

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I would try the zwift map test for the lulz!

Honestly though, I would check that and then maybe take some off for a number to shoot for for ftp.

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