The 9 Yammers, or, How Sir Glen tripled his forum output

Well, as promised, if I reached a fundraising goal of $750 I’d triple my forum output. This was suggested by Sir Evan @emacdoug in response to my challenge to be totally silent for 24 hours if I reached $500.

Well, long story, longer, the $750 goal was reached less than 5 hours after I reached $500. So, I did both (plus a 40 minute penalty of extended silence for posting pics during The Time of Silence.)

But how does one triple their output in the forums? Well, if you’re reading this you probably know that I am one of the more prolific members here, so how could I become 3x more so? How would I even determine it?

Well, the forum has some neat data features if you look at the “Users” section. It lists all the members including a number of data points. See pic below for a summary of my output since I joined the forums a few years back:

Now, I have no control over how many “likes” I get, but I can control how many I give as well as how many replies I post or topics I create. So, taking an extremely liberal approach I’ve decided to consider the data above as a single year’s worth. Divide the total by 365 to come up with a daily total for each thing and boom. There you have it. SCIENCE! Look for at least:
15 replies (easy peasy, I could do that in my sleep), 30 likes (just as easy) and a bunch of topics/threads, including this one.

Fwiw, every since riding GAWI, I have been retired so, what else do I have to do, besides training like a Sufferlandrian :slight_smile:

Why 9 yammers?

Why not?

Feel free to help me achieve my next stooopid goal for the benefit of the Davis Phinney Foundation


God help us :tired_face:


now now. It’s not like you actually need to pay attention to me :wink:



GvA knows, as much as I love to suffer, I REALLY love to help others to suffer.