The Bat - Easy?

Hello all.

I’m reposting here because I just realised I left this in the old forum. Sorry if I got the wrong category.

I was wondering about people’s general impression of The Bat? As I session I like it a lot, but the wattage levels the app is setting for me seem pretty easy - by which I mean I can keep the effort going quite happily and don’t feel too worn out at the end of either the repeats or the session. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced similar?

I’ve only done the session a couple of times but each time after a recent 4DP test (where I definitely DID hit max levels…!). I know there is the ability to adjust up the targets manually, and I do this on other sessions if I notice I’ve got fitter between test, but not typically this soon after a test and not to the extent I’ve seen with The Bat.

Maybe I just had a good day? Perhaps I’ll go and buy a lottery ticket too…

I would echo a previous user’s (botski?) comment about including a longer warm-up. Even just a couple more minutes to build it up. Lengthening the full session to 1:01 isn’t a hardship I think anyone would be concerned about).

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I love The bat, both of them are easy for me, well easier than high rpm repeated efforts, so maybe it just suits your physiology. The shorter one has great mental training and the longer no vid one has a longer warmup.

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I also enjoy the Bat.

Whether a workout is hard or not often comes down to an individual rider and there strengths. You could always increase the intensity if you think it isn’t hard enough? Even a small increase of a few % makes a big difference.

In saying that there may not be much value in making a workout harder than it needs to be. By increasing the intensity to more than is needed to achieve the outcome of the session you might not be getting much extra training stimulus. It could even be detrimental leading to cumaltive fatigue for subsequent workouts or over training

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Yeah, I appreciate that you don’t always expect to be totaly spent at the end of every session, and the bat in particular does have some good recovery periods. I was just surprised how fresh I felt at the end so was curiosu how others had got on. When I did the session today I had the target wattage at the usual 100% setting, and upped it to 110% for the last rep. I’ll play with that a bit more next time and see how things go.

As Heyu says, it could just be down to what suits me. I am a particular fan of Hell Hath No Fury and often run that at 105%. Or maybe I’m just not suffering enough on the FF and making up for it afterwards!

More generally does anyone find there are particular sessions that suit them (in this context, where they seem to be stronger than they might “expect”) ? I’m very interested in how the physiology varies and how the app also adapts to this via the 4dp settings.


I also don’t find The Bat particularly onerous, and HHNF is probably my favourite video. I wouldn’t assume you’re sand-bagging; it just comes down to your current physiology and fitness levels. Nothing stopping you from bumping the difficulty up a few notches :slight_smile:

Pretty sure it’s not meant to be a killer workout. It’s meant to drive you a bit, but also impart some wisdom at the same time. I tend to leave it at 100% and consider it a (sorta) recovery ride.

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Hi there. This workout will slot in to a plan at a specific point that Mac/Neal and team see it helping most. It’s a great modern type workout - with the mental training reminders in it it is good for applying in real life later.
It’s not intended to be a full on VO2 session, and I guess the IF of 0.86 reflects that. So yep I think you’re spot in - it doesn’t rip our legs off, but that’s part of the ‘plan’

I too can get through this without stopping … and I need the IF to be below 0.9 for that to happen typically.

One thing - if you’re stronger on the impact of short MAP bursts like the bat has, maybe some people recover dater in the sub threshold 4 min blocks than others.
I know by the time I get to block 4 I’m starting to find it hard to push through each one (though I do).

Def a favourite workout for its different outcomes it focusses on.

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TL;DR; I did this a day after a failed 5x8 FTP block rather than two days later, as on the plan, and completed it comfortably.

Long version:
I this week, in a 4 week FTP block had my 5x8r2 block on Monday. Having got through the previous weeks, admittedly with double recovery before the last interval, I was thinking I could manage it.

Now admittedly, I tried this one first thing in the morning fasted before work (I can’t stomach food until being up for about an hour and usually need at least two hours not to feel like puking in a workout afterwards). Anyway, I got as far as the third block, felt like I needed the double rest (which I did) and started the 4th but … no way. Got a minute in and had to stop to let the ERG mode cancel out and spin up again. Managed about another minute before I went so slow that the resistance was just too much to overcome again and had to bail. Annoying.

So the next day would have been a reduced effort but having failed the day before I moved “The Bat” forward. Also I did neck a dose of re-go in lieu of being able to eat (I know it’s supposed to be post-exercise but it’s got enough of a carb boost). All told I got to the end comfortably. Sure legs were aching a bit in the last one and had to focus a bit more on keeping the pedals turning but I got there.

So I think you can certainly say it’s “easier” but as someone else said, the IF is lower anyway and not every workout is a “bash your brains out with a slice of lemon” type workout.

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I def found The Bat “easy” (shhhhh!) but I put it down to the mind games in each rep. Having a structured distraction from the burning legs/lungs definitely helps me. I’ve also figured out a few choice words/phrases in the whole self-talk think that gee me up, though most aren’t repeatable in polite company :roll_eyes:. Due to take a Hammering today so will test the theory under more, er, intensive conditions. Froomey’s MINE today! :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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Yep, I like this workout. It’s not too stressful.
I find upping the setting by even just 4% can take it from comfortable to hard. Alternatively, adding an extra few intervals on the end does similar.

New to the forum but I really like The Bat. The mental aspect is inspiring. With the weather so far this summer, I have not done it in awhile (been almost entirely outdoors), but will get back to it at some point.

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I personally take no issue with The Bat being a slightly less intense workout. :+1:


Whenever looking at whether a workout is too hard or too easy…or just right!.., it’s important to consider the intent of the workout. In this case, The Bat has two main goals: 1. Provide you with some new mental toughness tools and give you space to practice them 2. Teach your body to clear metabolites just around threshold. With those goals in mind, it’s not designed to wreck you but give you maximum all-aroundbenefit while still being able to do another hard workout that week.


I wouldn’t go so far as to say The Bat is “easy,” but I will say that…

  1. I can actually finish the workout
  2. I can finish the workout without feeling I’ve buried myself but did put in an honest effort
  3. One can always add extra intervals by rewinding and/or
  4. Intensity is adjustable

In short, I love it. Batman Intervals, too.


Finally got round to doing The Bat @100% so I now feel qualified to respond :grinning:

My rider type is Pursuiter so maybe the session suits me. I found it hard but manageable. I was thankful for the reduced recovery level between intervals 5 and 6.

I don’t use a fan in my pain cave and it has been warm recently but I was still surprised how much Holy Water I shed.

A tough workout but doable and enjoyable to boot!


I’m curious - has this one been added to any plans? I haven’t seen it pop up since ToS. Plans since then are XC pre-season, GG 100 mi, Volcano (current).

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@ErickT Yes, the Bat was in my Speed Demon Plan back in july :+1:


Good lord get a fan! You’re holding your progress back by overheating.


You are probably correct.

However, as mentioned in the other threads of why we suffer, “progress” has different meanings to different people.

I suffer for fun and for fitness (and maybe to inspire my kids). I have seen my progress since I signed up (January 2017) and I’m happy with results and rate.

I’ll buy one eventually :grinning:

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The music on the bat is superb… Love it for the soundtrack alone :heart_eyes::ok_hand: