The Bat v Batman Intervals

It’s been aaaages since I posted. Enjoying outdoor riding while we hang on to summer!
Please can someone explain the difference between The Bat and Batman Intervals?

I’ve done both but can’t differentiate.

Dame Tee

It depends on what you’re wearing while you’re doing the workout.

:bat: :goat:

Normal athletic wear: The Bat
Cape and mask: Batman


Does the BATMAN Intervals still exist?

Oh yes! I sweated loads in doing so

I can’t find it in either osX or IOS apps.

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I cannot find it either in the workout list. I did find the announcement about the workout that I cited in my previous post.

How bizarre that some can’t see it!

Maybe you have the secret Batman decoder ring.

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Batman Intervals came first as a NoVid. We then opted to turn it into a SUF video since it really is a great session.
The Video version has a shorter warmup and cool down to keep its duration under 60 minutes.
The NoVid version was hidden from public when the video launched, but is still available to all Knights and Dames. Another reason to storm the castle for those who haven’t yet!


So is the video version “The Bat”?

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Thankyou. Now I feel very special :european_castle:

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Ah, so it is a Batman Castle? Better prepare for storming during off-season then :grimacing:


Not all knights :frowning: I can’t see it

Not done the Batman intervals but done the Bat - have to say it was extra demanding psychologically due to the opening tune!

It reminded me of this PIRIN ULTRA SKYRACE 2019 - HIGHLIGHTS / SWS19 - Skyrunning - YouTube which was, most brutal, mainly because it seemed like a good idea a the time. There was plenty of thin air and I’d just pb’d at the Ben Nevis Triathlon 7 days previously.

I think I could safely say ‘more than you’ after that race!

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