The long scream is awful(ly) sufferable

Listen, I know a lot of you go on about the nine hammers, but seriously, I’ve just done the igniter long scream combo for the second time this current program and it is horrible(ly) good suffering!!

The problem is it doesn’t actually finish you off with a completely brutal effort, it actually is more like a death by a thousand cuts, land of the living dead kind of experience!! :zombie:‍♂ In 9 hammers you get shoved against a wall and it’s all over pretty quickly. :skull:

I now dread this workout even more than a FF test. You actually know you’re working above your FTP for the last 15 minutes and that really does your head in!!!

Anyway, that’s all. Just a little whine. Hopefully GvA won’t see this!!


Yep … this one hurts… especially when the effort ramps up with 3 minutes to go!!! But its a great workout and one of the best sound tracks

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I am one who believes that it’s not possible at 100% on accurate numbers. It’s utterly savage and you’re right, I think it’s harder than Nine Hammers.

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GVA is always watching… :wink:


Tried this combo myself for the first time today. Oh man, what glorius suffering! I was shedding Holy Water like crazy! I caved a couple of times in the second half, but still managed a new 20 min PB in the badass power records.

Next time I will do better, and future me will be thankful for every time I do it when I climb the Summit of Mt. Sufferlandria!


I like doing Long Scream in level mode. Last time I did it I also managed a new 20 min PB in Sufferlandria!


Bit of a golden spade but anyways: Took your take on it and did it in Level mode (and the sound on full volume for extra motivation)

It was awesome - boy I like these time trial simulations



Long Scream is my all time favorite. Just BTTW all the time, you cherish the corners for the brief respite and it’s back to full gas. No frills, no bells or whistles. Just go. It’s been 5 years, I’ll give it a go tonight.


Ok so I desperately had to fit a workout in this afternoon, and only had half an hour.
I went for Long Scream and, to my horror discovered that I HAD NEVER COMPLETED IT! I’d quit on it once, at 17mins, and that was it.
So something had to be rectified. And bloody hell was I rectified at the end of that! Really excellent.

Straight in to my top 10 it went. How this has passed me by I have no idea?!?!? I even got the All Sufferfest badge with Kitchen Sink on 31/12/22, the app giving me false credit it seems. Gutted, but now dealt with.

Also you have to love the retro skinsuits. And who doesn’t like a video with David Millar, Brad, Richie, Cancellara all on the rivet. Plus the Panzerwagon doing what he does best. There’s no way that dude is German. Agonia, through and through.


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If I could, I’d kick Long Scream in the nutz. Glad you enjoyed it though :man_shrugging:t3:

Advanced Suffering!!! Spartacus and the 'Panzerwagen’Oy!

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