Team Scream and GvA hidden weapon

Today rode Team scream for the very first time! An amazing video and I surprised myself by managing to complete it without lowering intensity or pausing! really proud of myself, but now several hours after I feel i pushed myself hard! Some Yoga is due before bed! The toughest was what I call the GvA secret weapon, my internet was apparently not perfect as the video started “buffering” for a few seconds several times and amazingly, every time during the highest intensity periods!!! so, the question is, was GvA secretly behind this "buffering??? :thinking: :hot_face: :smiling_imp: :see_no_evil:
Definitely Team Scream joins my favourites list!


Awesome work!
Especially with the buffering, I’ve been there and when you’re on the edge just pushing to get through there is nothing worse than a buffer! I always make sure to download the video beforehand now and also make sure my device is plugged into a power source as low battery can cause video problems too