The road to my MAX

My biggest enemy is my brain.
So i need this, the mental training and you to get through this suffering.
The suffering helps me to overcome my tiredness and procrastination.

I’m Timo 27 from Germany and started cycling 2,5 years ago.
2 years ago riding 1 to 2 times a week.
Getting a little fitter week by week and now i’m here with you awesome people.
5 weeks in an All Purpose plan with high Volume, 3:1, Strengh, Yoga and mental training.

The first FF at the beginning was hard. At the end i felt a little bit sick. But i did 989,350,279,225w at 69kg. cTHR 168
My legs are hurting 24/7 and they are getting bigger and bigger.

After three weeks the rides where getting easy, but i kept going. (HR was always way lower than it should be)
Did an 13 hour 289km 3260m ride to Austria.

This Thuesday i did an earlier Half Monty in the evening.
I was tired and it was killing me. I wanted to get through the ramp, but my brain was shouting to stop and so did i… with to steps left… My body could have done it, but my brain not.

The results came in at MAP 320 and FTP at 268w. 3,88w/kg. cTHR 175 (+7)
So Sufferfest got me an 20% increase in 4 weeks of training. AWESOME!

BUT two days later nothing was easy anymore. Crescendo (IF=0,76) showed me my limits, but i finished it.

Next year i want to ride some long ‘‘Races’’ and some Rides. One example is the Arber Radmarathon with 250km/3750m. The other is the Grossglockner High Alpine Road.

I’m learning about tech, nutrition and training.
So lets see what the future will bring. I love it!


First things first! Welcome to the forums. Sounds like you’re doing GREAT!!

Everyone thinks they could have gone further on the RAMP but the SUF Scientists assure us that’s a common feeling. If nothing is easy 2 days after your HM then the adjustments made are probably right. You noted yourself that gains have been made so kudos to you on that and the work you put in to get there.

BTW, fwiw Crescendo isn’t a walk in the park. With efforts from endurance up to Tempo (at 90% of your FTP) its certainly NOT a recovery ride. Also, that ride in Austria sounds EPIC!

Thanks for sharing @TimoK !


Sounds like an introduction at an AA meeting, only in this case it would be a SA meeting, “Sufferlandrians Anonymous.”


Now that sounds epic! Wonderful goals to work towards.