Tickr HRM not reconnecting to SYSTM

I took my TICKR HRM and put it in a drawer for posterity, bought a cheap HRM from Decathlon and haven’t had a problem since.

Connects first time, every time to both the Wahoo Bolt computer and the SYSTM app on the iPad.

The TICKR HRM was and still is useless, for the first month or so it was annoying with heart rate varying from 0 to 220 bpm during a ride, then I got fed up after doing an update to the bolt and it would barely work at all.

So I binned it off. £30 we’ll spent in my opinion.

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Same here. I changed to a Garmin dual and no more problems.

I must say, I’ve had problems with every Wahoo device I’ve owned (including Systm)

I think I stick with Garmin from now on (only problem so far was when their servers got hacked but that didn’t change the quality of the ride/training)

Interesting thread as I’ve had intermittent problems with my Tickr for quite a while now. Either not connecting or loosing connection during a ride (which doesn’t always re-connect). Seems even just sitting up causes it to disconnect.

I only had problems with my TICKR v2 since the first strap probably was flawed because they changed it. Either the HR froze, was 0 or roughly double my HR.
Top is the first problematic TICKR v2 Strap and below the new and improved one:

Wahoo had a superb support and changed the TICKR three times but only the third one with the new strap solved my problems.

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I have had an odd problem with my Wahoo TickrX when connecting to my Garmin watch. My TickrX works fine in SYSTM and Zwift on both my PC and iPhone. But when I connect it to my Garmin 735xt to do indoor walks on my treadmill the HR will sometimes show up at 220+ for a number of minutes before suddenly correcting itself back down to normal at around 85-95bpm. If I use the Garmin internal HR led then it shows up fine. It used to show my HR correctly on my runs when connected to my TickrX. I know not exactly related. But it seems to be a Garmin problem rather than a Wahoo device problem. :man_shrugging: I also had some BT connection issues with all my HRM’s, so I switched from using BT to ant+ and haven’t had any problems since.

Join the club, mine connects but decides its had enough part way through a session and dies completely no matter how hard I try to re-connect it. Still no result as yet even though I have implemented all the suggestion by Wahoo (apart from disconnecting the Wi-Fi which isn’t a realistic option for me every time I want to do a training session) They even replaced the Tickr but still all the dropouts. The only Bluetooth is the Android phone and the Systm app