TICKR X + Rowing IRL

1st time on the water with TICKR X, choosing rowing as my workout.
It claims to have tracked elevation gains as well as descent, hundreds of meters in fact while I of course remained flat on the water at sea level.

Rowing cadence is tracked in REVOLUTIONS per minute instead of STROKES per minute, and it shows an absurd average of 74. My rowing cadence is closer to 21 SPM.

What kind of rinkydink toy am I strapping to my chest? Why should I take anything it tracks as serious?

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The only thing TICKR X should be tracking is your heart rate to be honest. It’s a heart rate monitor and not a device design to be the head unit on your boat. You would probably get better success with rowing using a Rival Watch I would expect.

Your likely to be getting elevation data based on your rowing motion as the heart rate moves with your body, any motion up or down is probably triggering that figure moving up. A device like Rival which has GPS and an altimeter would give you a more accurate return of data.

In regard to cadence. I’ve not seen anything in Wahoo’s product information that tells me that it can be used for rowing strokes so it’s more likely to be recording inaccurately as the rowing motion is in no way similar to running strides or pedalling a bike which it can do. Your motion will triggering something when rowing but it’s not wahoos idea of cadence.

Hope this helps

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