Time off

I’ve been on the SUF platform for the almost a year. I have an event at the end of September and then I will take a break to recharge and refresh.

How much time do you take off after a year of consistent training?

I’m planning on taking 2 weeks.

What do you normally do? Do you rode your bike? Ride one or twice at low intensity during your break?

I’m still trying to figure out my off-season plans but I like to plan.

I’m no coach and generally don’t know what I’m talking about, but I developed a plan/habit out of my own mistakes and a lot of reading.

I’m taking off:

  • A day a week
  • A week every three month
  • A month every year

“Off” usually means doing light exercise and crosstraining or just sitting on the couch - whatever I feel like.


I’m off when ever the plan I’m following gives me a day.

I feel like after 2 weeks,I’ll miss my bike but maybe I can do few fun rides during my break.

I’m not sure if I can stay sane with an entire month off

Don’t get me wrong, I never said I’m sane.


@mb207 This July I took some time off mid plan. It was after a year of continuous training and it kind of just happened It was fairly unstructured. Some days I would head out for a ride and some days I would do nothing. That period of time really cleared my head and since then I have been really getting after it for the past few weeks handling even more training volume and also hit new MAP and FTP targets on Half Monty.


I just took 4 weeks off because I needed to visit my ailing father and then quarantine. Two weeks off would’ve been a nice break. 3 had me itching to get back on my bike. 4, tho, was one too many and now I’m struggling to get back and I just feel flat and have a hard time getting motivated to wake up and exercise.

2 full weeks off can be great. And then you can jump right back into it and feel fresh and recovered. Any more than that and you need to listen to your body and not take TOO much time off. It you’re doing NO exercise, don’t take too much time off. If you’re going to be doing other exercises, you can get away with longer.