Tips from The Minions - The Wahooligan Tour 2024

The start of The Wahooligan Tour 2024 is almost upon us - and The Minions would like to provide some tips to enhance your experience!

  1. Update your trainer firmware to ensure everything is working optimally

  2. Update your SYSTM app - ensure you’re using SYSTM version 7.71 (Minion Tip - for optimal app performance, delete your app, reboot your device and install a fresh copy of the app - you won’t lose any of your history or settings but you might improve app performance!)

  3. Register for the Tour

  4. Add a Tour Route Plan to your SYSTM calendar

  5. Download stage workouts to avoid any buffering or other potential streaming issues.

  6. Measure Twice and Cut Once applies here - check the “active” time of the stage twice and make sure you’re riding within that time frame to avoid missing out on your badge!!!

Common Questions:

Q. I’ve registered for the Tour, but I can’t find it on my SYSTM calendar?
A. Registration via the Davis Phinney Foundation does not automatically apply the Tour plan to the SYSTM calendar. Add your preferred Tour Route to your calendar

Q. I’ve added the Tour to my calendar - am I now in the prize pool?
A. Doing the stages of the Tour in SYSTM does not equal prize eligibility. Prizes are awarded based on registration via the Davis Phinney Foundation. For every additional $10 raised, you will earn an additional entry into the prize pool.

Q. How do I know when a stage is open or closing?
A. Open SYSTM app > Progress > Awards > Details on your preferred badge to see the details of each stage

Q. I missed a stage/timed it incorrectly/did the wrong workout - can I still earn the badge?
A. Finish your Tour, and send your friendly Minions a request - we might be able to conjure our Minion Magic for you!

Questions during the Tour ? Please send your friendly Minions a request - we’re here to help!

See you on The Tour!


I will add some things that I have learnt over the years.

  1. Decide ahead of time what your strategy for the Tour is - what workouts you will do at full strength, which ones you will do at a lesser effort, and what that effort will be. Do not be afraid to adjust downwards if necessary. You can do the Tour so hard that your needed recovery period can result in you losing fitness.

  2. Plan for adequate recovery during, and after the Tour.

  3. I do a Focus Exercise before each workout, and Relaxing To Recover afterwards. Others may do some Yoga to help with recovery.


I start at the very first hour the stage open to get maximum recovery throughout the stage and space it out if I get really tired at some point.


how does this work?
should I do the entire stage within the timeframe or the… SYSTM… looks for starting or ending time within the timeframe?
(i.e: can I start before the time frame close but finish after it? or, can I start before the time frame opens but finish after the time frame has opened?)


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You shall start within the timeframe but it is ok to end the ride outside of the window.


You have to START the workout when the stage is open to receive credit for that Stage.

  • If you start your stage before it officially opens and save after the stage is open, you will not receive credit.
  • If you start your stage when it is officially open, and save after the stage has closed, you will receive credit.

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