ToS 2022: Stage 3 - The Downward Spiral - is OPEN! Get down with it here

The very first Sufferfest video ever made – The Downward Spiral – makes a triumphant, if deeply painful, return to the Tour for the 10th Anniversary. After yesterday’s cruisy ride in the mountains with Mr. Cotty, it’s time to get back to this attacker’s Tour (that doesn’t have Attacker in it, but got figure).

How are you feeling three days in? How far down did you go? Did you ever get back up again? Did the Laser Goats smell comfort on you? Tell us this and more!


The speech bubble right before the first penalty starts always brings a smile to my face. Any explicit inference to the other side?

Tons of terms of endearment (Sufferlandarian and Couchlandarin) that I hope they are not missed by those newer members who joined as SYSTMites.

Still a great workout from its first inception.


Yeees, stage 3 nuclear in the pocket.
Almost sh*t my bibs before the start, horrible fight from the start , proof ?

Am I proud ? Like hell!
Was it Smart ? No, i‘m a living cramp now
Would I do it again? Yes :raised_hands:

Biz trip and day off tomorrow, getting ready for the beauty at stage 4.


Oof, Downward Spiral is my bête noir. Never have finished it at 100% even fresh; something about longer intervals at MAP kill me.

Was hoping to attempt it at 95% but quickly dialed back to 90% on the first set, then 93% for the second. Hoping that spared me enough to get Model full tilt tomorrow; can’t wait.


That was not nice…not nice at all

Yes GvA i DID stop at the train crossing yet you still made me do extra…

Legs are in biys now, thanks!

Role on Stage 4🤣


Tell me about it ! And with a very dark place coming up in stage 5, I’m really scared.


I have this classic on CD-Rom. I was going to play it while I slept just to put me in the right, downward spirally kinda mood. Unfortunately I no longer have a workable CD-Rom player. In hindsight, this is probably a good thing. Rolling out on Stage 3 tonight.


Well, that was unpleasant. Started questioning my sanity going nuclear on my first tour during the first set. Interestingly legs seemed to wake up during the second set and it actually seemed easier than the first. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy or pleasant, just started to feel doable. Still hoping to save some extra recovery hours for stage 7 but may have to cash them in earlier than I had planned.


Always have been one of my favourite workouts (Yes, my 4DP profile is attacker), legs are feeling surprisingly good after three stages - let’s see how the rest of the body feels after tonights “recovery” session of 90 min of para icehockey/sledgehockey.


Doing the Tour in Focus Mode this year and after yesterday’s pleasant enough stage I was a bit shocked by Downward Spiral. Legs be hurtin’ and only 3/7th of the way through 2022 ToS. So much enterpainment!


Sir David, what year did you make this?? *dying *to know

Felt like a time trialist in a sprint stage after a hard mountain stage.

Oh wait, I am a time trialist and we had a mountain stage …

All adds up. I’ll shut up now…


Stage 3 in the bag and not so bad! I would much rather do these than any of the sustained efforts type sessions, although I am concerned about the cumulative effects of these back-to-back-to-back MAP beatdowns.

My (future me) fear is that the laser goats will come home to roost when ye olde The Best Thing in The World comes rolling into town later this week! Thankfully, I have a rest day in my hip pocket should I decide to use it!!


Yup thats going to hurt also😅

Done and done, at 100%. The start of the second set was the hardest for me. When the pop up on the screen said right before the 1:45 effort of the second set that if I could get through that, I could make it all the way. That was exactly what I was thinking. Sorry but that’s just a bit unsettling!

Tomorrow will be a challenge for me by the looks of it. All I can do is rest up, start out at 100% and hold on.


I nearly reached the bottom already in the first effort…

It felt like I had already done the first round of 8 efforts during stage 1 and 2, and this was the second set of efforts… and a third extra painfull dark round…

And it’s not even time for a dark place yet!
The tour won’t leave much energy left after the final stage!


Legs feel good, yeah? No, not after the first warm up. But once into the intervals it all came together - I’m on focussed option. Had a sneak look at Model, good video and music, that is going to be “fun” on tired legs. Quite apprehensive for AVDP and TBTITW, they are hard for me when fresh. But feeling better at this point than I expected!


I forgot the wash-rinse-repeat setup of this workout. Lots of fun and a ton of pain, times two. And damn those penalties! :triangular_flag_on_post: :triangular_flag_on_post:

Suffer well, everyone!! :star_struck:


Those efforts were very painful! The second set especially was tough to hold the targets. Dipped a bit with the longer intervals in the second set but was happy to pull it back in and keep on track. Keep POSITIVE thoughts friends!