ToS 2022: Stage 3 - The Downward Spiral - is OPEN! Get down with it here

Got home from work, changed, straight on the Wattbike, no time to procrastinate! Lactic legs on the warm up didn’t bode well! Made it through set 1 @ :100: , had to dial it down to 90 for the start of set two and finished back at :100:. That hurt. A lot.


Hofet! :fist_left:t2:


I can’t remember ever doing that video before in all the years… but it was EPIC!!
Loving “focused” version as I was able to beat all the yellow bars in the second half AND nail the penalty intervals and the sprint for the win. Just to show I did it right:


Ouch. Live for the pain……and the next stage.


Ok, that warm up at 100% when doing the Tour as focused is wicked. I should expect nothing less. Stage 3 done.


Stage 3 done. SOOOO grateful the GMTI option is a thing. Thing 1 or Thing 2 inspired the socks, well Dr. Seuss did anyway. While the targets were significantly reduced, due to my terrible fitness (atm) the suffering was real.

Pre-ride sock choice:

Post ride #toureyes:

This is me at the end of the last 15 second effort in the 10th of 8 intervals in the second set (which for yak farts and giggles, I increased to 100% of my usual AC target)



Hubby thought he could come into the pain cave to talk late in the second set. My response was not coherent or friendly. You’d think he’d know by now . . . . But Stage 3 is in the bag, on to Stage 4 and the great unknown.


Vintage Gold, Grunter! Stage 3 on Shrove Tuesday… probably not wise to ride after two plates of pancakes. Almost needed the bucket! Tell ya what I’m not giving up for Lent…Suffering and Misery! Bring it!!


One could make the argument that was the point. :wink:

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@Glen.Coutts You look like you’re having fun! That’s quite the pain face. You bring honor and glory to the land!


Always fun to be finished. Type 2 fun. We just keep coming back for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Is type 2 fun like when someone says: anything is worth doing if you get a good story out of it.

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I always thought of Type 2 as the hard AF rides that you struggle with/almost die on/just barely manage to hold it together and not get dropped on/ suffer through and when you’re done say, that was fun and go out and do it again the next day or 2 later.


A friend of mine trekked in Nepal many years ago. He said he was sick, in pain, and miserable the whole time—and it was the best thing he had ever done. Type 2 fun?



Haven’t done it in a while.
It’s a beautiful beast, I must say.

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You’ve got my vote for best sufferface of the Tour!


Enjoyable? I remember that word from somewhere

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Finished this yesterday morning, forgot to post about it. Heading into it, I was struggling on the very first MAP interval. After that I was dreading everything to come.

I was also resolved to finish at 100%. I had that same dread on each interval, with my legs telling me that surely this is where I crack, my brain in full agreement and my ethos screaming out “Knights don’t quit!”

I was unable to hit the power targets on the last three sprints, standing on the pedals at 40rpm to stave off the death spiral :cyclone:

Certainly proud of that effort and once again amazed at how well these workouts are structured to squeeze out every ounce of suffering possible. Nothing left to give.


The first MAP interval was harder than I expected but all I remembered from my last time in the spiral was the whirlpool and the rider begging to be left in the ditch!

Got half way through the second MAP interval (1:45?) and glanced at my Garmin to see the training stats only to realise it was showing the time and not tracking the activity :scream:

So I did what any data loving Sufferlandrian would do:

  • Started Garmin recording
  • Rewound workout to before first map interval
  • Muttered darkly about user error for several intervals

Made it in the end though :face_with_spiral_eyes: