TOS Stage 3 - OPEN! - Official Thread

Agree, Sir David. It is not often on my workout schedule, since it plays to my strengths, but I crushed it today, which was a great confidence booster today after an ugly slog through Nine Hammers yesterday.

Brutal! That stinks, maybe do the second time around at a reduced intensity???

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Today was my first time on this workout, the high cadence is tough on me, but I got through it and hit the targets. So far reducing my workouts (no lifting) has given me some “breathing room” though this third round is starting to wear on me. Good news, no problems going to sleep at night :joy:


Same—and have both the original & the remix on today’s calendar. Mother Nature, on the other hand, has other plans.

The deep freeze blanketing the deep south (US) has us experiencing rolling blackouts every 45 -90 minutes that last 20 minutes to an hour. It’s good the Sufferlandrian day is so long; I’m just hoping it’s long enough to allow at least one round of Fight Club to get squeezed in.

UPDATE: Got almost all of Fight Club done during the window with power but lost power with just over 10 minutes left. Guess I’ll be restarting this again sometime later?

UPDATE 2: Finally managed to finish on the second attempt, also at 100%. So, more than you.

UPDATE 3: In the words of wiser ones than I:

I get knocked down, but I get up again / You never gonna keep me down

Though I wasn’t able to complete them back-to-back, I did manage to complete both the original (vintage) Fight Club and the updated version a whole one-and-a-half times. Now for some rest, some mac-n-cheese, and some laundry before tomorrow’s double-shot of Half Is Easy & G.O.A.T.

See you on the course.


Hitting Fight Club now. :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:


yep, i did a 25 min cool down vid followed by 30 mins yoga after today

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And you did Ignitor before 9Hammers yesterday!!! I saw that, thought about it and decided no

Yep…like to do a warm up as i find tha most suf workouts the warm up is too short and takes me awhile to settle…Ignighter and the GCN one are just right

Adventures in Poor Judgment: FC the same day as 9H.

I doubled up today to create some time later in the week, and man did I Suffer for it. I had to dig deep into my bag of positive self-talk to stay in the fight. My wife was probably thinking, “Why is Alex down in the basement shouting his personal and professional achievements at himself?


Hadn’t done this one for a couple of years. It’s a great all round workout and I am surprised it’s not worthy of more than 4 out of 5 bars in the 4DP focus. I would’ve thought it was a near perfect ftp builder.
Unsurprisingly tough after the first 2 stages. Still at nuclear levels.


Well, that was a prime example of what happens when you you haven’t recovered sufficiently to have an effective workout, but I got through it.


I’ll be hitting Fight Club tomorrow and the high intervals look pretty short – can anyone say approximately how long the sprints are? My Kickr Core takes about 5 seconds to adjust power upward significantly – should I accept that as a point in my favour (sprints are 5 seconds less than they should be), or should I use level mode?

Love it! However… Beginingto think that ‘Nuclear’ may not have been the wisest of ideas.


Stage II and Stage III in the books! I had a challenging and fun ride yesterday on 9 Hammers, and a bit set back effort this morning on Fight Club. Enjoyed both workouts, and I was reminded how cool Fight Club is.

Sharing, with the passing of two cycling KoS friends in 2020, and the closure of my favorite cycling embassy (Cycle University in Seattle) I was not feeling as excited about the 2021 ToS this year. Deep down I wanted to try it on my own and see if I could really do it this time around as more of a solo thing. So, I stuck with a plan to ride the tour with a focused approach, and it turns out I am having a great time on the tour, I ride hard on a few select workouts, and am riding all all other workouts to my of best ability and fitness level. I intend to finish well, and enjoy the ride all the way to the finish line! So glad to be back in Sufferlandria. And, so thankful for the Sufferfest, and great online community! Many thanks, to Sir David and all the Suf minons.

The photo is of a few friends from 2018 KoS in Seattle, WA, it was my second KoS, but the first for my friends, Tim Thomas and Sandi Navarro. Challenging and fun day and great memory…This year I rode 9 Hammers in Tim’s memory, it was his favorite SUF workout. :slight_smile:


I’m no Brad Pitt…more like Edward Norton but after today I feel more like Meat Loaf…

Congrats to all who have finished! This nuclear option is wringing all the Holy Water out of me! Does anybody have any pointers for Half is Easy? I’ve never suffered it and so I’ll do it in level mode but I’m not sure how it’s gonna go.


They’re about 20 minutes long. Or maybe that 15 seconds just feels that way.


I just timed it for you. Sprints are between 8 and 15 seconds. Shortest is in the 4th Round. I would advise ERG mode on this one.


Felt pretty good after the first 2 days. Thought I was okay for today then I got PUNCHED in the face🥴