Taking Vacation during ToS

The stages are announced! And I am wondering if I made a terrible mistake…

My plan is to work my usual day job and still find the time to get through Grunters evil vision of a fun time.

Next year I already know better and will plan accordingly. :slight_smile:

Maybe I am due to get rid of some nasty overtime hours.

How about you?
Are you brave enough to tackle both?
Do you have to luxury to go on vacation in sufferlandria?
Did you tell your family they won‘t see you for 7 straight days?

Edit: Sorry if typos. All done while riding ISLAGIATT.


Vacation in Sufferlandria sounds like a painstakingly wonderful idea.

Unfortunately not having the time luxury of a full vacation, my plan is to go for extended lunches to Sufferlandria, as I work right next to the border with Officelandria. But I will spend the weekends!

On my way downstairs to do ISLTA


I normally work the full week. But this year I’ve decided to take half days all week. I start at 7.30am so can finish at 11.15am, quick cuddle with the little minion before she goes for her lunch nap. Then ride the stage while she’s asleep :slight_smile:


For the past few years I’ve taken time off work to do the Tour. With no other commitments it’s a ‘nice’ break as Feb can be a bit grim, no one at work understands why but :man_shrugging:t3:


I would usually take the time off, but our workload has filled up this year and I wasn’t able to book it off in time… But yeah, it can be tough to get on the bike after a days toil.

You soon forget about work when it all starts hurting though!!

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HeHe … you are going to suffer to glorious heights on the tour. Me, well I am retired so all I see on my calendar is ride and recover … every day. Best of luck and you can always find and available Flogging Station if you get bored.


Maybe you could call in sick?
Given the nature of the ToS that might not be such a lie?

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Alas no vacation during ToS :woozy_face:
But I will plan a couple of days off at strategical days :thinking:
Ehm just had a look at the stages… I am afraid all days require a strategical day off


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I’m not planning on taking any vacation, but hopefully I can work a couple of shorter days during the Tour.

Some great answers.

Oooh, I didn’t even think about this option. I would have to prepare a lot but maybe I could do the same…

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I’ve been on permanent vacation in Sufferlandria since 2013 and have a partner who’s very supportive of me locking myself away in my play cave or the GSL dungeon so I feel very fortunate when the Tours are on. I was working during last year’s ToS but it was kinda company policy that you had to ride the Tour so wasn’t so bad. The Tour can be pretty all consuming - physically, mentally, emotionally, socially - if you let it so be prepared for any best laid plans to get shredded, set on fire, doused in holy water and danced on.


As of the current COVID situation I have to work from home anyway. With having “only” meetings as fixed appointments I will be able to do both: The ToS and full time work. For sure I will use the time windows, to be able to shift the stages back and forth to make them fit into my schedule (work, family, sport).

P.S.:If you can type while doing ISLAGIATT your 4DP metrics is too low :sweat_smile:


I just warn the family I’m taking a vacation from them. By day three I will be starving, cranky and not homework helper. Just go with it. :rofl:


We are of the same holly water vintage good Sir. Can’t wait to roll into the village and get started.

You can tell where my mind is at, I though the thread title was “Taking vaccination during TOS” :joy:

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Ha, that’s exactly how I first read it! :rofl:

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Remember we are all suffering for a great cause and supporting the Davis Phinney Foundation.

Anyone who feels time crunched, remember you have 50hours to complete each stage (in case you wanted to double up on any stages)

On a serious note, I would save your vacation for Feb 22nd, you may need it :wink:


During previous tours, as far back as 2013, I developed a strategy for managing the insanity of every stage and work/home life responsibilities.
What I did was I alternated stage time. On one day I would get up super early and do the stage before work. On the next day I would do it after work/dinner prep with family, then the third day, I would take a long lunch break and do it at noon. That way I maximized recovery, but also didn’t take up 9 evenings of family time. This year there are only 7 stages. Easy! :stuck_out_tongue:
This scheduling may not work for you, but hopefully it gives you some ideas? Suffer well!


That was my thought too… how can someone type while suffering, even during the rests!

My WFH schedule is much like yours, so saving the PTO for the warm months, and planing to work ahead a bit the week before the tour to keep the boss happy.

Fortunately, my kids like watching the suffering since my pain cave is their playroom! My oldest always asks if I’m winning the race; I guess I spent too much time on the big Z when he was younger!