Track taster session preparation

I have a track day taster session with a flying lap booked for mid March. Are there any good workouts I can do to specifically prepare for this? Or even a 6 week plan? I’m thinking The Omnium might be a good one :slight_smile: .

A day with Sir Neal #5. A day at the Velodrome.

Edit: and UCI Centre #3


+1 on the suggestions Sir @Glen.Coutts made.

Also, will you be riding a track bike on the track? If so, have you ridden a fixed gear bike before? If you forget that the bike can’t freewheel, and try to stop pedaling, it will kick you really hard.

Enjoy the track day! I’d love to try it some time.

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I hope you have a great track taster session and that you never never taste the track.

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I was lucky to be able to have my first velodrome experience at the Sir Chris Hoy arena in Glasgow a few years back. Such a great track and the staff were fantastic giving a small group an intro to fixed gear cycling and the whole track experience.

was also fortunate to be able to visit the Lee Valley velodrome in London on the same trip. That facility is something else!!

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Last (and only time) was in the 90s for a school trip, so it’s going to be a case of relearning how to ride a fixie. Should be interesting!

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My trip is the the Lee Valley velodrome too. I’m looking forward to seeing behind the scenes.

I’m thinking that the effort will be short and intense, so maybe the NM/AC Building Block plan could be ideal. Would be interested to hear a coach’s perspective though.

If I’d have had more time than I had I’d have done more than the velodrome. It’s a great experience nonetheless! Have a blast!

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