Event postponed by 4 months - what to do?


Just heard earlier my A race for 2021, a 100 mile Gran Fondo has been delayed by 16 weeks (was 6th June, now 26th Sept).

I’ve just finished All purpose road plan, doing the tour of Sufferlandria now, then FTP building block till mid march, then into the full century plan which finishes on 6th June.

I now have another 4 months on my hands…positive and negative I guess!

What do people think is the best way to fill the void and ensure I’m in the right shape for 26th September?



What race was that? I’m in a similar boat, the Fred Whitton has been moved back from May to September this year, I’m filling the time with some virtual events that I can control, ie ToS, a Knighthood attempt probably in April, I’m even eyeing up a vEveresting attempt.

My plan is to count back 12 weeks from my new Sept event date and start the 12 week Gran Fondo plan then, but in the meantime fill it with something meaningful to keep me motivated and going.

Tour of Cambridgeshire. I did veveresting last year, knighthood… Mmmmmm :confused::thinking::flushed::joy:

Wondering if its better to do all purpose road plan twice or century twice in the gap…what do people think is the best approach?

Partially this is a question that is personal to you. Ideally you’d be able to look back and past years’ training data, think about when you were the fastest and how you got there.

I know me personally, slamming high intensity intervals (ie above FTP) gets me real fit very quickly (like, four or five weeks) but it doesn’t last long. The wheels fall off and I struggle to maintain. So for me, I’d work backwards using that experience and probably choose to spend the extra months (until the worked-backwards “start date”) just mountain biking, taking long fun exploring-type rides outside, and gradually progressing FTP and tempo intervals (throwing in occasional pure MAP blocks if I stop seeing progress).

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