Trails: Tempo high cadence 4x3 broken?

Hi. Just checking what the Century plan had in store for me next week and get them downloaded in advance. I have a workout called “Trails: Tempo high cadence 4x3” which seems to be broken. There is no play button and no download button. Just the one 3 dots button for “Add to calendar”. The description is there as well. Can anyone advise? Thanks

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@Vilbs My guess is that is meant to be done outside if it starts with the word “Trails”. I don’t see it listed but did find a similar workout that you could swap if you are looking to do it on the trainer.

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Thanks I might swap it then. I’ve also noticed another one for the following week, Tempo 1x60 that when I go onto it just says it’s not available in Systm! So why have they put it in my plan if I can’t do it? I’m totally confused now.

Out of curiosity, when did you load the plan? If you loaded from the old Sufferfest app, the missing content error makes sense. They changed some names and that’s often the error you get. If you loaded it from SYSTM, I have no idea what happened.

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I agree with your thinking but I started the plan about 2 weeks ago from within SYSTM.

I agree with Sir @JSampson that the ‘Trails: Tempo high cadence 4*3’ is a workout that is intended to be done outside. The fact that you can’t download it or play it is deliberate - at some point in the future, we’ll have the option to push it to our bike GPS.

It is strange that there is a MTB session scheduled in the road century plan. I will send in some feedback, as I don’t think there should be off-road sessions in a road plan.

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@Vilbs Ok - I see it. When you select the 2:1 plan with moderate volume you get those two vids. I will report this as a bug but also am copying @Coach.Suzie.S who can check this out with the coaching team. So the issues are (1) the 4 x 3 comes up as an outside mountain bike ride on a century plan and (2) Tempo Build 1 x 60 takes you to a dead end. Seems like that one should map to Tempo Build 1 x 60 which is listed in the NoVids.

As a workaround just delete those two workouts and then add the correct workouts to your calendar on the same date.


It sounds like some of the outdoor sessions from the old Sufferfest plans have been transferred over to SYSTM without a video scheduled to play. There should be a No Vid that’s close though as an alternative.

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Had ‘Tempo builds 1x60’ for 2hrs scheduled. Had same message when I tried to load it. Found ‘Tempo builds 1x60’ 3hrs in ‘No Vids’ and did that, shortening the ‘Extra volume’ section to make it fit in 2hrs


I have a Gravel plan with moderate 2:1. Longer rides scheduled for weekends are all like this.
I see there are actual NoVids workouts in the lib but not in the plan.

Thanks for flagging these issues guys! I’ve fixed the plan, which unfortunately won’t make a difference on your calendar, but it will be correct for anyone who applies it moving forward.

The Trails: Tempo high cadence 4 x 3 workout is meant for gravel and MTB plans. We have another version of it, as you’ve seen in the app for road plans, so it was probably just a mis-click when choosing the workout.
Also on a similar note, the Tempo 1 x 60 workout that we have multiple versions of. The correct workout is the Tempo: 1 x 60 3 hour NoVid, or it can be done outside. Note the 3 hour duration, not 2 hrs as the mistaken workout suggests.

Sorry for the errors, but happy to have understanding users to help us fix our mistakes!


Thanks Suzie! Super service getting it looked at so quickly.

So a quick question if I do the 1x60 3 hour outside is it still 3 hours or is it multiplied by 1.5 so 4.5 hours outside?

Thanks again.

You’re welcome!
The 3 hour version of the 1 x 60 workout is just 3 hours. Here’s the breakdown of intervals: (of course, when riding outside, it’s not vital that you do the intervals 100% as written, especially the warmup section- just do the best you can!

Warm Up

30 minutes @ RPE 2.5 – 55% of FTP – HR <70%

1 minute @ RPE 7 – 95% of FTP – HR <100%

1 minute @ RPE 7.5 – 100% of FTP – HR <100%

1 minute @ RPE 8 – 105% of FTP – HR <100%

7 minutes @ RPE 2.5 – 55% of FTP – HR <70%

Main Effort:

20 minutes @ RPE 6 – 85% of FTP – HR <100

20 minutes@ RPE 6.5 – 90% of FTP – HR <100%

20 minutes @ RPE 7 – 95% of FTP – HR <100%

Extra Volume

1 hour 15 minutes @ RPE 3 – 60% of FTP – HR <70%

Cool Down
5 minutes @ RPE 2 – 50% of FTP – HR <70%