Trainer and Cadence question

I have not been happy with the cadence recently on my Elite Suito. Choppy and bit unstable even after calibration. Thought I would try an experiment and put wahoo cadence sensor on my shoe! This seemed more stable but very slow to get up to the high and low cadence marks, then back down or up again. Was thinking I might connect left crank power meter and try using the cadence from that.
Thoughts anybody??

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If you have a power meter I’d definitely use that for cadence as chances are it’ll be pretty decent

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My suito is the same especially in lower gears / wattages. I now make sure my garmin cadence sensor is used rather than the suito and it’s much better

I would second using cadence from a crank power meter. That’s what I do with my Elite Direto X.

So I feed SUF with power from the Direto and cadence from my left side crank power meter. The Direto (and I presume Suito) doesn’t have an actual cadence sensor so the cadence channel is estimated from the power fluctuations and sometimes gets confused on gear changes or sudden changes in power.

Yes indeed and it’s normally okay but I’m thinking with the sensor on PM being so close to BB it makes sense it would be more accurate and hopefully quicker to respond. I’m assuming I can just untick cadence on the trainer settings and hopefully once PM is connected can just have cadence ticked on that. I’ll give it a run through tomorrow

Yes that’s exactly what I do (un-tick cadence from trainer and tick cadence from power meter) and it works fine. Power meter cadence is rock solid and quick reacting as you would expect.

I use my wahoo cadence sensor strapped to the left crank. It’s more reliable than the trainer cadence on my kickr core because it only registers cadence when there is pressure on the gears. So after a hard effort when you can spin your pedals with no power/pressure the trainer shows zero cadence even when I’m spinning away. But for some reason, sometimes the app shows the cadence sensor, but doesn’t fully connect and I can’t use it. I’ll have to remove it and re-pair it to get it to work. :frowning:

What a revelation! Using the 4iiii Precision pro left side crank PM for cadence is the best thing I ever did. Did Tempo High cadence 5x3 today and the transitioning was absolutely seamless. Building up and slowing down, it was like the figures on screen and the crank were joined together
Now if you are of the persuasion check out my new question on forum.


I use my Favero Assioma power meter pedals. Taking power right where it starts! It is like measuring HP on a old muscle car. Some measure it at the engine crank which is real, but if you want to get the real measure, do it from the wheels where the rubber meets the road as we use to say back in the day. You lose power between the engine crank to the wheels…power meters show the raw power you are producing from the heart of things. Usually your watts on a trainer will be lower due to the same reasoning. I have a TACX FLUX S trainer and the cadence is smooth. Maybe it could be some setting on your trainer that is overlooked???