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EDIT 4: I have adjusted the layout and added a section for gear notes and a selecting if you used ERG or level mode. The Numbers version has equations for the intensity and drop downs for selecting the type of workout. I started using this to track which workouts I will be considering for my quest. I only have a PDF and Numbers version. I attempted to convert it to Excel and… will… it was pretty messed up. Thanks Microsoft! :-1: :tongue: I have also added an additional page so if you want to print it, you can do a front/back thing. Suggestions welcome!!! Still working on the rest of the workbook. The idea is turning it into a Quest Book, of sorts, that I can share with anyone on the journey to help them organize and plan. Unless there is something like that already out there :thinking: Suf Tng Log V3

EDIT 3: I have made a couple more changes. I have added sections to annotate for trainer mode and split the subjective section to allow for notes on gears. Some aesthetic changes were also made. Thanks to @JSampson, Sir Jon, for the suggestions. The link is the most recent version of the spreadsheet. I am still working on the rest of the workbook. Bookmark the thread for the latest updates.

Original Post: I tend to do things and then research. I didn’t go looking for a training log/journal. I’m sure there are a lot out there. I love tracking metrics. I love telemetry. Numbers. Statistics. It’s a fantastic way to see growth and change. Or in this case, a measure of Suffering.

I made a “purpose-built” one to fit my needs. I wanted to share it with everyone. I apologize in advance if I needed permission to use the images; I can remove them if I need to. But it’s free if you want it.

The data tracked in this journal is based on 4DP, both subjective and objective performance, and writing in a good ‘ol diary.

I’m working on an entire logbook with spreadsheets, formulas, charts, calendars, and some other features. This is just a taste. I’m no programmer or spreadsheet expert, but if you have any suggestions, ideas for features, or what you would want in a training log/workbook/journal please let me know. I’m willing to share or incorporate suggestions when possible. If you want a copy not in .jpg, I have a .pdf at the link and Numbers file I can upload.

I am excited to release this so I don’t have an excel file yet, and I cannot attest to the continuity of an excel conversion. But when I “finalize” the file, I want to release the spreadsheet so anyone can type in it, use the drop down menus, and have access to the formulas and tracking. However, I might be overselling it a little bit.

Cheers, and Suffer on.

Sufferfest Journal v3


I LOVE what you’ve done but I am waaaay to lazy to manually complete something like this on any sort of consistent basis.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that as the app develops, some stuff like this will be built in. There is an older version of the app (no longer available) that allowed you to compare your efforts of a particular workout over time in a stacked manner. It was really really cool.

Anyway, I have no suggestions for you but can relate to your love of stats. Keep building it if for nothing but your own pleasure. I’m betting there’ll be others that would like exactly this! Thanks for sharing!


I have edited to reflect the registered trademark on the 4DP and added a credit line to the footnote with a trademark on The Sufferfest. I’ve also slightly adjusted the layout.

The Sufferfest Training Log v2

@FireDog3105 Nice work! You can also get some of those features in Strava or Training Peaks. Also check out which works with the data that is uploaded to Strava or I believe GarminConnect too. If you like data you should find it pretty interesting.

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Sir Jon, I checked out and signed up for the free plan. It’s a pretty neat reference tool. Thanks for sharing. I have noticed that I really like to reinvent the wheel sometimes. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I like digital tools, but sometimes you just can’t beat good ‘ol pen and paper, either. looks amazing. I will become more familiar with it in the coming weeks. I’m soaking up all this data and info. Keep it coming, Sufferlandrians!


@FireDog3105 Golden Cheetah is also well regarded for crunching data. I haven’t tried it but I hear good things. It does have a steeper learning curve than some of the alternatives. Elevate is another - it runs on Chrome.

Also in the app you can add notes on your ride which will transfer to Strava - I use that to note how I felt, any adjustments I made to power or if I had issues with a section, weather conditions (mostly how humid or dry the pain cave was), and occasionally add in what my HRV score was that day. For level mode workouts it is good to add info on the gearing and level used. I definitely look at that stuff when I repeat the workout later as part of my prep.

If you aren’t using an HRV app you may want to try one of those as well. Right now I am using Elite HRV. The data can jump around sometime but it seems mostly accurate and does help with finding trends in case you are second guessing whether to pull back or go all out that day.

Great idea, Sir Jon. I will definitely check in to that stuff. I have already started to integrate level mode and some gearing into the spreadsheet. I am still very new to cycling and very new to effective training. I think I already have a pedal up by using The Suf app.

I’m learning what all the numbers mean and how they effect my body and performance. Being able to track intensity was in a later version of the sheet because all I really do right now is what the app tells me. As I get closer to my Knight Quest, I will need to know my body so I can effectively control my trainer and maximize efficiency on my quest.