Training Plan Adaptations For Good Weather

I live in the Seattle area. Normally the weather is rain rain and more rain this time of year. We have sun and it is not cold today and I really want to ride outside and to enjoy the rare good weather.

My training plan is to do violator today which is not a good outdoor workout. I want to properly do this on the trainer and give it what it deserves.

Yesterday I had GCN max efforts\min time + strength
Today violator
Tomorrow getting away with it
Friday one of the new recovery movies + strength

I am thinking of doing the load of getting away with it outside today and violator tomorrow. Any downside to this?

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Not a coach, but I swap days quite frequently…because #life. My main consideration is “will the swap cause me not to be able to complete a downstream workout?” For example violator followed by strength might be a bit much when lifting. Only you can decide.

Ultimately I don’t believe that moving a few workouts here and there is going to drastically change my fitness outcome. Following to a T is more about marginal gains. Get them done within your schedule/enjoyment of outdoors is higher priority.

Hey @MichaelG ,
Welcome to the forum. As @Jason_Rule5 said, sometimes you need to juggle workouts. No worries here. You’ll be fine.
Have fun!


i swap days frequently too. I’m also in the seattle area so i understand the quandary you are facing.

my main consideration when doing a workout outside is, if it’s an easy day make sure i am going easy, if it’s a hard day i make sure it is hard. Nothing in “moderato”. I also think about the purpose of the workout (e.g., swapping AC intervals for 20 min hill climbs would dramatically change the purpose), but the first consideration (hard = hard, easy = easy) actually gets you surprisingly far.

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