Training Plan Session Order?

I’m rather loosely following the 10 week plan as used by Dan Lloyd from GCN but have a question.

Due to life, shiftwork, British weather and various other things I’m not able to follow the plan exactly. Is there any issue with me moving around rest days or switching days for sessions?
Some days when work doesn’t allow I intend to move a session from one day to the next, similarly if the weather’s good and I’m off work I’ll be going out to ride with mates rather than sitting in the garage on a trainer.

Is there going to be a huge detriment to the results compared to following the plan religiously?

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@Grm The plans assume 85% compliance so you are probably fine. Just try to avoid stacking workouts and also making sure that you are definitely taking a dedicated rest day. Stuff happens or the weather or friends beckon you for a ride so sometimes you just have to roll with it.


I do an hour of pilates every Wed, and so do not ride that day. This means shuffling workouts backwards or forwards a day until I get a “rest day” on Wed. I still do the workouts in pretty much the same order and complete the weeks training that week and it seems to work out Ok

Hey @Grm ,
There will not be a huge detriment by managing your training around your life. .It’s pretty much the norm and is actually beneficial. That’s the primary purpose of customized plans designed by our coaches.
Keep us updated on your progress.


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