Training plan advice


I’d like to get some advice on which training plan to select next. Below some information about my history and goals.

I’m quite new to indoor cycling and Sufferfest (started this year) but already XC MTB for over 15 years. Last July I completed the 12 week Xc mtb in season plan. After that I focused more on running to prepare for 2x a half-marathon in October. Currently I combine that with some suffering on the bike and 3x strength training. Totaling approximately 8 hours a week.

Maintain some running endurance (e.g. run single 10k a week)
Go faster on local mtb trails (the Netherlands). Trails are not technical and have almost no climbing. All are quite “flowy” trails that can be ridden fast.
Focus on 45-60 min duration with high power
Body composition: Loose 3 kg fat, gain 2 kg musles. Especially the legs need some more meat. This is based on a bodyscan.

Time available: 8-10 hrs a week

Plans I was considering: xc mtb, all purpose, time trial, …

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Based in my prior efforts to combine running and MTB XC - here’s my recommendation:

After your last 1/2 take two weeks to recover - recovery yoga, fun trail rides, easy runs - stop to take pictures, have a coffee, or whatever you enjoy to make it chill.

Then start the Pre-season XC Plan with strength and yoga - adding in a recovery run and a speed run workout each week (1 recovery and 1 endurance run on recovery weeks), making sure to keep one day a week in the plan as a recovery day. If you have time to add a third run each week, that would be your long or temp run. (I did my runs M, W, F)