Training Plan between events (Time Trial)

There is a lot of uncertainty about the 2021 season, but let’s assume that it will go as planned.

My first race of the season will be a Time Trial (20km) on May 2nd and this will be the end of my 12 week “Time Trial” Advanced programme (the second of the winter).

The main goal for the first part of the season being the National Masters Championship (20km) 6 or 7 weeks later (the date is not yet fully fixed). I am already thinking about the organisation of these weeks in between, during which there should be two Time Trials (about 10-15 km, 1 six weeks before the championship and 1 one week before).

How do I fill in these 6-7 weeks correctly to arrive in shape for the championship? I had imagined using Buildind Blocks (3 MAP weeks and 3 FTP weeks, or 4 MAP and 2 FTP) but these are only Indoor and I am not convinced that this is the right solution either. I don’t plan to do a FF right after the first Time Trial.

In the meantime I have discovered the Power Builder 6 weeks plan but it doesn’t seem to be totally suitable either (I could replace group outings with something else).

In the end I would have to compose the programme myself… any thoughts on the matter?

Thank you very much and greetings from Switzerland

Kinda sounds to me that you are trying to fit something odd-shaped into a square box here. Maybe this case would be perfect for a custom plan? If you have the resources to do so, I would definitely go for it.

Otherwise I guess you need to make your own custom plan. If you take inspiration from the MAP and FTP building blocks and do a little mix and match, and spice it up with some of the MAP and FTP NoVids done outside to create a 6-7 week plan, I think you might be on to something.

Thank you @Magnito . I think I will have to build something myself because custom plans are 12 weeks…

The length cannot be customised? Either way, I am sure a customised plan could account for having your event within the timeframe of the plan. If not, I cannot really see the point of them.

Anyway, I am targeting a time trial myself, most likely early June, but could be postponed to after summer, in which case I could end up with a case similar to yours. Will be interested to see what you end up doing.

…or, you could prematurely end your current plan and start a custom plan ending at the date of national masters champs, accounting for your 2nd of May event too.

Sorry, I am just throwing in suggestions for solutions @flongchamp, without having a solid answer to your problem. Probably better to have some coaches weigh in here.