Training Plan descriptions

I am currently working through the Mountain Fondo training plan. I would really like a description of the program that indicates the focus for each week, or perhaps breaks down the plan into specific blocks or build focus. Basically, I do not like just wondering how the plan is organized and how the workouts contribute to meeting the overall goal/objective. Is there anyway to get this info?


Not currently a feature of the training plan selector but I’d like this as well.


This is something we are aware of and looking to find a good solution for.
As a question for you, would you find a visual representation of the most important sessions of each week valuable?


Probably…as i am generally a visual learner. But i suppose it depends on what exactly is being represented and how. I mean if somebody could just provide a narrative of how a 12-week program is built, that would really be all i need. If that can be done through some sort of graphical format…that would work as well.

Yea. But a little more for me. I too am a very visual learner but I’d also like to read about why particular workouts are suggested over others, and/or where alternative workouts could be done instead with no major impact on the overall goal of the plan itself. So, like @t2walters, I’d like to read about the thinking/science behind why and how this plan will help me achieve the stated goal.


@Coach.Mac.C If it makes sense, I’d love two things:

  1. A week by week or block by block plan summary that describes (visually and/or in a few sentences) what the point of the week/block is. Could be like: “This block is focused on stimulating FTP and MAP and gets progressively more challenging as you move through the block with longer sessions and less recovery between sessions.” [Obviously, I just made that up.]

  2. Stars (or some other symbol) on non-recovery workouts (visible in the calendar) and double stars on the most important ones not to miss. That way, when I am forced to reschedule, because, you know, life, I make sure not to delete the most important ones. Also, I am imagining that the block/week logic would help me decide how to reconfigure rest v work days.


Both of these would be very informative and thus, very helpful. I prioritize their utility in the order you presented. First, the description of the program in some detail. Then something like you described in order to assist in what workouts to reschedule over others if you need to skip for some reason.

I appreciate your engagement on this question!

I would love a brief written description together with something like " choose this plan if … you have background x etc. This plan is not the best choice for beginners, people looking for etc "

I would really like a feature like this. As my key events are Mountain Fondos, this is a plan I’m destined to repeat on an annual basis. So it would be cool if each workout had a button you could click on to provide a quick list of alternative similar workouts to provide a bit of variety.

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I think the plans used to have a brief written description, but that seems to have disappeared in SYSTM for most of the plans.

Yes you are right - they seem to have disappeared.
I don’t really understand why so many small things that many thought were good on the Suff app have just been dumped. I can understand replaced with something better or more in line with the new owners but just gone…?

This is all really helpful feedback regarding the plan descriptions (and weekly details).
I understand the frustration of removing the descriptions that were available in SUF.
We’d always planned on a post-launch update to plan descriptions based on user feedback about what information is missing that would be helpful. In SUF we had a decent explanation of plans but never any feedback around what information users care about vs information everyone ignored.
For the SYSTM launch, our Sports Science Team created over 120 years of training plans (that doesn’t include the variations based on rider profiles or the variations from different addon combinations).
You can absolutely point the finger at me for the removal of the plan descriptions for the majority of SYSTM plans. I’ve always viewed the initial launch of SYSTM as a working Beta for the Wahoo Sports Science team. I want to make sure every hour of our teams ability is spent on useful actionable items for our users. We had almost no feedback from the descriptions shown in Sufferfest. Instead of using the same (unproven) format for plan descriptions, I needed feedback from users on what information is wanted.
You’ll likely (cough cough will) see a user survey asking what plan information is most helpful in a plan description. Adding that level of detail to all of the plans is a large undertaking, and we want to make sure that information is useful, and not just a word-count target.


Looking forward to the survey.

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Looking forward to having plan descriptions back. And also hopefully a way to bypass the plan creation wizard.

I always thought having a visual representation of what a plan was targeting would have been useful


All the ideas mentioned above and a way to easily browse plans including a calendar preview like in the old app.

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No feedback is often a sign that its either not used or just fine. I now feel my years sub (paid for when it was still Suff but with an expectation of something even better with Wahoo) is for something less than it was, with less info about sessions plans etc. Looking forward to the app being improved swiftly and to the survey.

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