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I wonder why there is very little new content (like on location, a week with, pro rides) in the training plans? I have done the allpurpose 12 week plan twice in the last 2 years and the units still seem relatively unchanged. Nothing against the classic Suf videos, but the new ones would enrich the plans.


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Depending on your goals and your plan, there are some of these in there tho I’ve never seen the AWW ones. My guess is that there’s work being done behind the scenes to enhance the plan selections but that’s just cuz it’s been a while since they’ve done anything with it.

For now, as an interim solution, you can always swap any ride in a plan with something else that gives a particular training effect or has similar focus. Not ideal, I know, but it works.


A Week With are designed to be ridden as a week progression. However, I agree with Pro Rides as a substitute for some other ride.


true, but once you’ve done that, there are a few that are repeatable as stand alone vids like Bos’s Strength Endurance, Race Winning Efforts and Spikes; Phil’s Long and Short KOM training efforts and his Openers; as well as Sir Neal’s Rabbit Mountain and Superflag.

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I have wondered similar. The opinion I came to is that whilst some of these OL and AWW sessions are superb the videos are less inspiring for me to re-watch, so assuming that I’ve done the week progression of OL series already, I would struggle more if repeating them during a plan.

I’ve nothing against the videos themselves. I just finished the week with Boz, for instance, and they were great. The workouts are excellent and the videos a good watch but I don’t particularly want to repeat watching them. Same for most OL sessions. AVDP, 9H, etc I can watch all day long.

Big shout out for the Tasmania series by the way. The Cygnet Coast road was part On Location, part Pro Ride, all pain. Brilliant.


Yeh, I hear you. One of the enduring strengths of the SUF vids is that you are an integral part of the story. That’s one of the #1 things that, imho, makes them so repeatable. I still flagged a couple of the OL and AWW vids in a note on my activity file that I would def do again. Time will tell how many times tho.

I’d LOVE to see the data on how many and which aww, pro and ol rides are repeated by SYSTM users.


Imagine if there was a (filter) button that was labelled Alternative Workout one could tap and be presented with a selection of alternates to the one scheduled.


That would be awesome!

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Great idea

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GCN+ with the workout overlay (MacOS). The only way I’ve managed to repeat many of the inspiration vids over the years.

I do very much wish Wahoo would expand the workout overlay option to work w tablets (maybe even smartphones?) though. Cough Cough Minions cough.

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Really great suggestion. I reckon that 90% of my usage of the workout list browser is to just look for alternatives to a given workout.

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At one time there was some work going into naming alternate workouts in the workout description itself. I don’t know when I made this list for myself but it would have been based on what was written somewhere. I won’t vouch for its veracity:

SUF Rides of Similar Effect

14 VG- revolver downward spiral
Attacker - defender
BG tempo 5x4 - goat
Defender- chores rookie
DAYT- revolver joy ride
Goat- power station TWO
GCN Ready Steady Go-igniter
Joy Ride - Revolver 14 VG
Power Station- TWO, Goat
Who Dares - The Bat, Fight club


Ooooh, I like this.


Being able to choose alternates would be awesome, as would having all the new content shuffled into the plans.
I… er, am not using SYSTM right now; I miss the immersion, but this was totally one of the problems; I think there’s a two-axis input to whether I can do a given workout again and again and not be bored by the content: One on axis, how amusing/pretty/engaging is the content, and on the other, how nuked am I by the workout itself (in terms of that thing where at some ventilatory threshold or other I start to think all kinds of things are funny, even my own jokes).
Thursday Fields is a great story, but twice was my limit, and I never want to see that stupid hamster from cadence builds again, but that’s partly 'cause I hate cadence builds and especially holds.
I still chuckle when I think about whatever that quote is… “This is the hit by a wall race. You look like you got hit by a donut.” And all sorts of similar silliness.
Like Glen says, being part of the story seems to make it. Some of the documentaries are really quite good, but after one or two viewings I’m really done with them. The classic Sufferfest stuff is my favorite, and riding with Cotty is good, too.


I have a spreadsheet where I have all workouts, IF, 4dp ratings and a general comment on the main intervals (eg. AVDP=5x4m MAP). It has proved very useful in selecting alternative workouts. I’ve been adding to it more this week, prompted by this thread.

I treat getting a similar training stimulus as more important than matching the TSS. In addition always try and make sure that overall fatigue doesn’t get too much (actually I’m very bad at this, but I’m trying…).

I never try and choose alternative workouts for the endurance or recovery sessions. Theres not really any difference between them and none of the videos are particularly engaging for me anyway, so I’ll just either do what’s on the plan, or pick something at random of the length that I want, then look for alternative mental stimulus.

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@jesseransom All the videos allow you to turn off both video and sound and add your own entertainment. Alternatively you can send the workouts to RGT and pick whatever course you want to ride on.

Also as @leebo notes it is fairly easy to swap out workouts for others based on the star ratings along with the duration. I do that frequently with the on location rides and the inspiration videos.

Further, with strength and yoga, once you have the routine down you can just record using the Wahoo Fitness app and select the category and wear a heart rate strap and the workout will appear on your calendar and in your history.

So there are lots of options if you are willing to get creative.


Care to share this as a spreadsheet that we as a community can manage/complete/change?

Personally I don’t mind, though the data in it is arguably proprietary to Wahoo and only obtainable with a subscription, so I’m not really sure it is for the public domain (or at least not my place to make it so).

In short though I have all the workouts listed with time, tss, IF and the 4dp scores out of 5 (i.e. these

Sorting that list by the various data points then lets you very easily identify workouts that are similiar in time, stimulus, IF, etc. (TSS gets outdated as it changes with your 4dp profile. Given the drawbacks of TSS, though, that’s not a huge deal really).

I’ve also grouped together workouts that appear together in particular plans/weeks. e.g. It made the MAP efforts in the week with Sir Neal pretty clear and I swapped that week in for one of the weeks in a MAP building block to great effect. Similarly the week with Ian was clearly very ftp-like.

All simple stuff, also very easy to lost yourself in. Data is my friend.

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Searching was easier in the old app where you could not only search on a particular 4DP focus, but the degree of 4DP focus as well.

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A while ago, maybe 9=10 months ago, somebody put up an Excel spreadsheet that listed all the workouts and their parameters. I have it saved, but it should still be available in the forum somewhere.

Found it: SYSTM List of Cycling Workouts