Training plan for traveler

Coming to end of 12 week all purpose road plan and also heading back to work in March. My airline job usually has me working 3 day trips over weekends. Any suggestions on how to build a plan that meshes with my off days? There are only a handful of hotels we stay in that have legit spin bikes were I could do a sesh w/my power pedals. Also not to excited about using those gyms anyway with covid risk. Thanks

Stay in Hilton with their Five-feet-to-fitness:

Or, find hotels with Peloton bikes:

Certainly better than most options.

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Thanks, but company picks the hotels

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Not very scientific, but I would just beat myself into a pulp for 4 days, rest totally for one, go for a long walk or use the stair stepper etc if you feel comfortable, rest and then repeat.

Yep thanks, thinking the same. To make it more muddy, I don’t really have any events or races to train for. Maybe try to best my PRs on local climbs. That’s about it.

Power pedals on the spin bike are a nice option if available – hopefully you can find off hours when there aren’t others in the gyms if so.

The other suggestion would be to start doing some running as cross-training. It’s a decent way to keep your overall fitness up and then you can shift important interval sessions on the bike around when you can get on the bike.

The big benefit there while traveling is that all you need is a decent pair of shoes. It’s why I took up running in late 2019 – so that I could maintain fitness better while traveling when it wasn’t practical to bring the bike with me.

Running is out except for bear escape ~ broke my hip and fractured pelvis in a cycling accident couple of years ago.

Was about to post a new topic then found this. Good information but I have a tad different spin (pun intended). I am traveling to my SIL & BIL’s house for the holidays. They have a Peloton bike and a treadmill. Like suggested, I can do some cross training by using the treadmill but I do want to use the peloton as well (used it last time for a brief stay before I joined Wahoo X. Any suggestions on what training programs and/or workouts I should do on the Peloton? Like an earlier poster, I am not training for an event (yet) but want to improve my 4DP numbers. Thanks.

This seems like a good place to note that you can use Pelotons for free if you establish a free Peloton account. The subscription is tied to the bike, not your account.

I’m not a “spin class” guy (SYSTM’s GCN workouts are my least favorite), but Peloton has some scenic rides and a video game mode called Lanebreak. The scenic rides can’t hold a candle to SYSTM’s OLW workouts, but they’re better than nothing.

Of course, you could ride SYSTM workouts using RPE when you’re traveling, but I find that RPE releases my inner tough guy and I tend to overdo it.