Replacing Rides with Runs on Honeymoon

Hello All,
Don’t kill me for the question : )

I’m going on a very short COVID reality honeymoon on Thursday, I’m in the first weeks of the Hilly Grand Fondo plan and needless to say I will not be able to ride (for 6 days).

Given I have a big race at the end of the plan I wanted to see if (1) it is possible / recommended to replace the sessions I have with runs and (2) if so, which would be the best types of runs.

The key sessions I have in those days are: Tempo 5 x 4, Defender, Half the Road.

Thanks for the help!!

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Hey @Tobias_Breme ,
Mazel Tov on your marriage and honeymoon! I would say everything depends…on what your wife wants. If it’s cool with her, can you use a gym, hotel or otherwise? Are you used to running? Are there hiking trails? Hills? Bike rental options for you and her? One option is to totally skip the week and use it as a recovery week. I can help you out with more info. My best advice having been married to my badass wife for almost 32 years is to discuss it with her well before you make any plans, don’t stress and have an awesome time!



Thanks a lot Spencer for the advise and congrats!

That’s one of the benefits of being a 5:00 AM riser, no need to align anything with the lady; by the time she’s up I already have all of these things done hahaha

Having said that, no gym will be available in the hotel as we will be in Amsterdam and we’re under hard lockdown in Europe but I’m super used to running a lot and I’ll be mega close to a huge park.

I wouldn’t like to miss a week to be honest so I could do let’s say 1-2 hr sessions including good intervals as it will all be in closed trains within the park. Do you have any thoughts.

Thanks again for the help!!


:joy::joy: Solid advice right here.

Find some light activities together and have a great time. We train to enjoy our lives, right?


Hey @Tobias_Breme ,
Cool, then my advice would to be run in the spirit of your 3 key workouts. Do one run at a 5 x 4min tempo pace (~ marathon pace), one run at 4 x 10 min effort (~half marathon to 30 sec slower than 10k pace) and one long run at easy pace. How does that sound?



Thanks a lot coach, will do!

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