Can i move sessions around?

I have just started yet another training plan as i am a shift worker its hard to follow on suit with nights and days etc.

So this week for example i am working Mon,Tue Off . Wed,Thu 12 Hr days Fri,Sat,Sun 12 Hr nights .
I have Mon Recovery Spin, Tue Frozen Road, Wed The Making of the Hour Record, Thu None, Friday GOAT, Sat Accross the mountains Sun None

So what i have done is Monday Frozen Road, Tuesday The making of the Hour record, then can i or should i move say Accross the mountains to today or for tomorrow which i can do in my lunch time, then do GOAT on Friday before my nights.

So short question can i mix and match my sessions or do they have to be done in order as long as i am felling fit and fresh for it?

Just that i have not yet once completed a full plan due to shifts, would really like to complete one and do the Full Frontal after it to see any improvements.

Of course - it’s better to do something in a different order, than not doing anything at all.

When rescheduling things just keep in mind the intensity of the planned session and listen to the feedback from your body. 12 hour nights will impact your recovery from big sessions, and I’m not sure I’d fancy some of the harder sessions myself coming off the back of that shift.

You may want to consider working in some stretching and rolling post-session as well to help towards the recovery.

Yeah thanks for that, I am making a point of quick sessions less than 40 mins on my dayshift lunches and big sessions for days off or pre night shift and trying to leave easy ones for after nightshift as only get about 3 hours sleep on night shift

I have a pilates class every Wed when I start a new plan, I will juggle workouts back or forth a day to ensure Wed always remains free.