Training Plans/Coaching

I’ve targeted an event in April, 2022, a hilly century. To get myself prepared for this event, this training time around, I made the decision to purchase a SUF customized training plan/coaching. Long story short, I was told by support that the SUF customized training plan/coaching option is no longer available to “new comers”:unamused: so, has anybody here used FasCat training plans/coaching or recommend an alternative training plan/coaching system?

You might want to try the packaged 100 mile Hilly Gran Fondo plan! That should set you up for your hilly Century. I did a long sportive last month and I didn’t falter (although with the assistance of another rider I hit the deck backwards and destroyed my helmet!)

Did they give you any reason?

FasCat is really good! The stock plans are great and they also have a coaching discount for the next few days. DM me if you would like more info.

My ‘guess’ is they are hoping to integrate / deliver the customized plan through the systm calendar and they’re waiting for upgrades to systm to allow that. At the moment the custom plan is set up through training peaks. It’s fine but it means you can’t just click on the workout in training peaks to start it.

I’m thinking their might be some awesome upgrades coming to this part of systm soon!!

Merry Christmas :christmas_tree::gift:


Hi Eric,

They are still available here. Sorry that it is not easy to find but we weren’t happy with the service we were able to offer as we can only do the custom plans through Training Peaks rather than through the SYSTM app itself. Regardless hope you are enjoying your training and that the Hilly Century went well