Training plan advice Road/Cyclocross

Hi all.

I am after some advice on next steps with my training. I have been using systm/sufferfest for the last few years, but only started racing cyclocross the last year. My 4DP metrics suggest I need to work on MAP power, so have completed the MAP and FTP specific focus plans. I can feel a difference after doing these plans, but just unsure what to move onto next. Should I be repeating the Specifics plans, or is the training load too high to keep doing back to back? I am wondering if a general cycling fitness plan is the best option to keep me going through the winter? Keen to progress rather than stagnate, but appreciate rest and recovery is important.

Bio stats if that helps:
NM 850
AC 393
MAP 312
FTP 249
cTHR 174

After something to maintain enthusiasm during the winter as well as boost fitness ready for the spring.


My 2 suffercents:

If you’ve finished your season and don’t have any specific off season goals, maybe throw in a gen fit plan at whatever volume works for your schedule. That will help you both maintain and possibly even boost your fitness for spring.

Once the plan is in your calendar, to keep things spicy, I’d consider swapping out some of the rides you’ve done a few times with stuff you haven’t (there’s a TON of new content). I’d also consider checking out RGT rides/races that work with your schedule (I’m planning to give some of that a go this winter too).


Thanks Glen. Yeah I think a general plan might be the way to go until feb/march. I like the idea of swapping some workouts about.